Header: Credit: Shutterstock It is important to keep your incisions dry for the first week following your procedure. Once you have been given the all clear from your nurse you will be able to wash following this. Shallow baths are advised during the first week so washing your hair can prove difficult. You will need to keep the area dry, however, lifting your arms above your head for a long period of time can be uncomfortable.

Book in at the Hairdressers

Not only is it practical but it will make you feel 100% times better during your first week of healing. Make your hairdresser aware of your procedure as you may need to sit up now and again while having your hair washed if you are feeling any discomfort.

Lean over the Sink or Bath

Get a family member, partner or friend to wash your hair. It is the risk you may have to take hoping that they wash all of the conditioner out of your hair but it means you not getting wet. For extra protection wrap a towel around your breasts.

Use dry shampoo

It is ideal to get you through a few more days. With amazing scents it is quick and easy to use just spray and brush through.