Header: Credit: Shutterstock There is nothing more exciting than receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day from a loved one or possibly even a secret admire (we know that only happens in the movies because in real life it’s just slightly creepy). But what if we told you that this cute gift or gesture actually has a secret meaning or message? Hold tight guys and girls as you might need to think twice about what you have bought, or in fact question your relationship altogether come the 15th of Feb. ****DISCLAIMER: WE CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ENDING OF RELATIONSHIPS OR ANY ARGUMENTS THIS MAY CAUSE***


This may be your partner telling you they want to spice things up in the bedroom; your sex life could be lacking that extra va-a-voom between the sheets. Or it could in fact be that you have new MYA assets to show off and your partner is just being thoughtful, wanting to share in your investments and make you feel special with your new found confidence. In any case, this present won't be worn for very long.


The gift of flowers needs to be broken down into 3 categories as each category has a unique meaning of its own:

Garage/Cheap Supermarket Flowers

Your partner has a lack of imagination and the relationship may feel stagnate. The sad fact is that you expected these cheap flowers as it’s been the same every year. Who’s to blame? You need to question: has your partner bought the last minute flowers because he feels he has to? Does he get you treats and flowers all year round? If so, there is nothing to worry about. However, if it is a last ditch attempt on the way home from work to keep you happy after they were reminded about V-Day at work then we think it’s time to move on. You are both not happy but don’t wish to hurt one another by admitting it.

Delivered flowers/ 12 Red Roses

Your partner really wants you to feel special by arranging a delivery. This takes thought and calculation: where will you be and how will you react? It is possible they do romantic gestures very often even though you may not be able to even remember your last date night that wasn’t a birthday or special occasion. You both lead very busy lives with work or kids so delivered flowers makes Valentine ’s Day a little bit special, keeping the love alive.

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Flowers that last up to 1 year

The massive gesture of an expensive and the fashion-forward box of flowers that last up to a year shows a real investment in the relationship. They want you to be reminded that they are in it for the long haul but possibly not quite ready for the ring. If you already have the ring, count yourself lucky and where can we get ourselves one of these rare humans?

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5. Chocolates/ Sweet Treats

We can only apologise in advance but you have just been well and truly friend-zoned. Yup that’s right, you get your gran a box of chocolates so what does that say? If it’s any consolation, at least you don’t have to share them. As a word of warning, if you receive chocolates after Feb 14th, it’s likely they got them on sale too (just to add insult to injury).

6. Bath and Shower Goodies

Your partner is trying to show their caring and creative side by getting something not quite the norm when it comes to a Valentine’s Day gift. Maybe they believe you need some you time to relax and make the day about you. However, if they suggest a cute bath or a shower together take them up on the proposal! It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

7. A massage or spa day

You may be surprised about the meaning of this one. It’s entirely possible that your partner feels as though you need to relax, unwind and take a minute. But more often than not, they give this gift as they're feeling guilty about something (we smell cheater). 

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8. Trip away

Men will typically purchase a trip away or even a night at a hotel somewhere nearby when you're in the first phase of a serious relationship. They want to show off and show that they are Mr. Right not just Mr Right Now. It’s a form of peacocking and he's probably hoping you share this trip away with your friends or on social media so that his territory has well and truly been marked.

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