Instagram has become a way of life; documenting every move through the use of images, likes, dislikes, travels, food and social gatherings. Publishing your whole life for all the world to see has become the norm and it’s seen to be somewhat social suicide if you fail to be part of the millions that scroll the app like it’s the morning newspaper of the 21st century. So how does uploading an image with your chosen filter give so much of your personality away to the rest of the world? Let us tell you and it may make you second guess your future filters and hashtag style.

Profile Picture

Let’s start with your profile picture it’s the initial insight as to who you are and what you are about, even if you’re a private user.

Bikini Pic

1 You are a seasonal depressive, you lack enthusiasm in winter you love summer. This is your only way to have summer with you all year round. And you most likely have excellent boobs.

Pet pic

2 Never acceptable if it is just your cat, dog, fish or ferret. We all love our pets but this is your private account and will only make others question why a picture of your face is not good enough for a tiny 1cm profile image. You and your animal – acceptable. Makes you seem friendly and love sharing the limelight with a companion.

Over 2 year old image

3 Did you know your profile picture has a sell by date? Yes that’s correct. Once you have hit the 1-year mark with an image, it’s time to start preparing a new selfie to take its place. Once you hit the 2-year mark, time is definitely up. That holiday snap from 2012 needs to go. You are on a similar playing field to the person that loves a #TB #TBT #FBF. You aren’t happy with yourself now but you were two years ago?!

Celeb Pic

4 NO! NO! NO! We all love a celebrity and a repost now and again (due to how amazing they look and the glam squads that get them that way) but not for your profile picture. It shows a lack on independence and self-worth. Love yourself a little!

Couple pic

5 We get it. You are in a relationship. This is a warning to all Instagram creepers to stop right there and stay away.

Editing Style

White Frames

White frames mean you are meticulous. You like order and organisation; not only on Instagram but in your personal life, you may even have a hint of OCD. You are indecisive, with potential commitment issues. Posting multiple images at once means you are the sort of person that will never make the decision when it comes to picking where to eat.

Reflection pic

Slightly self-centred or you just really like yourself in that picture so you thought two is better that one right?

Over Filtered/Edited

iPhone game strong #REVIVAL

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If the image is that bad that you have to over-filter it, we suggest you don’t use it. However, there are the artist-types that like to use contrast and fade and create a completely different image from the original. If this is you, you have a dreamy personality but slightly detached from reality. How we would describe as a unicorn if a field of horses.

What You Post The Most


There are two sides to the Serial Selfie Taker:
    1. You are seeking a partner - either you are selling yourself as you are looking for a partner so what better way than posting your best selfie
  • You are proud of what God (or MYA or your makeup *joking!*) made you.
    Although you should be able to show yourself off, always remember the Rule Of 3: if your last 3 Instagram pics are selfies, it’s time to put down the phone and make some friends to take pictures with.


Quote of the day! ???? #Quote #Confidence #Happy #MYA

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      1. You need (motivation) - If you can admit to yourself that that the quote you posted on Monday morning saying, “seize the day, you only live once” got you through rush hour traffic, the worst boss in the world or that you still haven’t stuck to your 2016 diet plan, then we are happy for you. Everyone needs a bit of motivation.
      2. You need (attention) - If you did it for the likes then please refrain from posting these quotes. Why not talk to your friends and family instead? They will give you great advice that inspirational quotes just can’t give you.

#TBF #TBT any form of throw back!

#TBT strolling down Robertson Blvd.

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If you continually choose to throw back an image which basically means you are posting an old photo, it means you are sharing a happier time in your life. So you were either happier with the way you looked or the situation you were in. You need to start living in the present and make the present your happy place.

Items you want

That new lipstick, bed room, holiday destination, shoes. Everyone does it but for what reason? 1, You are a wanter - There are the people that use these photos to hint to loved ones so you may notice an increase prior to Christmas. 2, You are a dreamer - There are the dreamers who use the image as a positive thing to drive them to work towards something they desire.     Now you need to work out which one you are.


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It is more than likely you are on a diet and it is all you can think about. Stay strong, sister.

Funny Images/Quotes

How we feel during the Sales! ???????????? #MYA #Sales #Shopping #Life

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You’re a people pleaser. Humour is the way to peoples’ hearts so if you come across some funnies on Instagram (even if you have just reposted a picture from LadBible) then you will have more social media friends, but just to clarify they are just social media friends.


Hashtags are a way of life when it comes to Instagram so remember this is what people think of your hashtagging etiquette:


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.55.58 If you use over 5 hashtags per image, you are what we refer to as a “try hard” or an over-thinker. The sort of person that will use the full 22kg baggage allowance, just because you need the outfit options.

No sense

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.06.42 This is the person that writes a full sentence as hashtag #Meandmyfriendwenttothebeach. We think you have missed the memo about the short and snappy hashtags. You are the sort of person that loves a story so you make a mountain out of a mole hill. Friends tend to avoid your phone calls as they know they are set for a lengthy chat.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.51.40 You know who you are. You are all about the likes and extra followers the grade-A-attention seeker. The following will be your most used hash tags #Likeforlikes #Picoftheday #Instagood #nofilter #OOTD But let’s be honest - No one reads them anyway you could write what you like!