Header: Credit: Shutterstock We’ve seen a huge increase in this most intimate surgical procedure. In 2014, our NHS reported a fivefold increase in labiaplasties performed in the last ten years while the US saw an increase of 44% in just one year, making it the fastest growing procedure. Astounding! So what’s behind the upsurge?

Medical necessity

We did a bit of research and there seems to be a few contributing factors. Genuine medical reasons often include being born with it or childbirth, with over half the women coming to us being mothers. A larger labia and the discomfort it causes during activities like cycling, riding horses and even sex can be reasons for seeking this surgery. All of these can generate anxiety and general unhappiness. Rather than it being purely cosmetic, these real reasons contribute greatly to the rise in labiaplasty, the reducing the labia minora or outer skin around the vagina.


Other women we’ve talked to who seem keen on the idea, are those who need to wear revealing clothes for their career like dancers, swimmers or gymnasts. They report a need to be confident in their shape and want to remove anything that’s going to draw attention to them in the wrong way, making them feeling self conscious.


We also picked up on a change in grooming trends which seems to be one of the hot favourites for changing your look. With Brazilians and laser hair removal becoming more popular, they are exposing a woman’s shape where previously it was hidden. So, not only are we taking more notice of ourselves, we’re also looking at more pornographic images, which can create a look that is deemed ‘normal’, though, we hate to say it, but it’s probably been airbrushed to a super-enhanced ideal.

Awareness of surgery

A range of social media, forums like ours and TV programmes like Embarrassing Bodies not only highlight body shape, they encourage conversation about it and help towards making women more aware of the possibilities which can help empower them to change what they don’t like. Reality TV and the promotion of fun stuff like Vajazzles go towards women taking more of an interest in the area and breaking down the barriers of talking about it. In short, discussing them and comparing them are all becoming the norm in our modern, open world.

Our take on it

We don’t have to tell you that everybody is different. We all have unique fingerprints, unique faces and yep, unique vaginas. So, when it comes down to aesthetics, who can say what’s normal and what’s not? Who can say what’s more appealing? It’s down to you and what you’re comfortable with. We can help you feel great on a beach. We can help you improve sex after a family, we can help you achieve a look that you’ll love and we can take away any embarrassment that you’re worried about every time you get intimate for the first time.

A MYA you’ll find highly trained surgeons, following the best practices

But you have to remember, like all surgery, a Designer Vagina surgery carries its risks, so as always, research your surgeon and the provider you choose. We have hand-selected some of the best surgeons in the world, who are highly practiced and extremely experienced. We follow all the guidelines, often exceeding best practices, so if you’re interested in changing your look, or have any questions, why not read our web page on Designer Vaginas. You can also call us today for an informative chat, our team’s more than happy to help.

Real Patients

If you're interested in speaking to a real patient, why not follow the below Instagram Journey? With a few photos (not explicit!) and her comments about her MYA journey, she's a great person for advice and help.  Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 13.41.24