Sunny days and warm weather might be long gone but that doesn’t mean it’s time to wave goodbye to your summer body. Take care of your hard-earned body throughout the colder months with our essential guide to beat the winter blues and keep looking your best.

1. Stay Indoors

Unknown It’s cold and wet outside, you’ve made a nest under your duvet and the thought of braving the weather to go to gym just seems insane. Simply a pop on a workout DVD to sculpt your figure or get a burst of cardio without even leaving your doorstep. Choose from the hundreds of workouts on offer, from yoga and Pilates to high intensity dance and interval routines for a body Lucy Meck would be jealous of.

2. Enlist a Gym Buddy

Unknown A training partner in crime will help you stay motivated, even when it’s dark, miserable and working out is the last thing on your mind. Schedule a regular workout date with someone who’s faithful to fitness and you’re less likely to throw in the towel.

3. Crave Control

Unknown-1 From a never-ending pile of selection boxes to festive mince pies - winter is full of tempting treats. Let’s face it, sometimes a protein fix just doesn’t sound as appealing as stodgy comfort food in frosty weather. Before you give in to those cravings, swap your chilled leafy greens and grilled chicken breast for hearty soups and warming stews. The odd indulgence won’t do any harm but try to stick to a diet full of nutritious food. Remember to be mindful when it comes to portion sizes too.

4. Fitness Fashion

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 16.21.00 Hit the shops and stock up on some new leggings, cute crop tops or the latest trainers, so you look and feel good in your workout gear. Now head to the gym to show it off!

5. Be Prepared

victoria-secret-sport-tote-gym-bag-duffle-travel-new_73425 “I don’t have my gym gear with me” - excuses, excuses. Don’t give yourself a reason to fail, make sure to keep a gym bag with you at all times. If it’s always on stand-by in your car or at work, you’ve got more chance of sticking to your goals.

6. Pre-Eat

Unknown-1 Those festive get-togethers and Christmas parties are always overflowing with irresistible buffets and huge meals. To avoid stuffing yourself with everything in sight, eat a healthier small meal or snack before you make your entrance.

7. Reward Yourself

Unknown-2 You’ve stuck to your routine and dodged temptation, even when faced with blustery wind and the most mouth-watering pudding you’ve ever seen. Well done. Now relax and prize your hard work with those shoes you’ve been eyeing up, a gorgeous new lipstick or pamper yourself with a manicure. A touch of planning and commitment can make staying fit simple - even in the iciest weather, so show off the shape you’ve worked for and hit the festive season in a party dress that’s sure to turn heads.