Clinical Hubs & Hospitals

MYA have 6 dedicated centres for in-person clinical activity, with the rest of the MYA journey taking place virtually. We offer 100% initial eConsults, with surgeon eConsults (part of a 2-stage consent process) and nurse ePre-operative assessments, limiting the amount of travel time for our patients to a physical location.

Modernising our patient journey with our technology-first approach has been a huge hit with our patients. Travelling to a clinic 4-5 times throughout your journey feels a bit outdated when you can do so many of these interactions virtually from the comfort of your own home. No faffing around with city-centre travel or arranging childcare – it really is convenient and time saving.


You’ll only be expected to travel to one of our 6 national clinical hubs if you and your surgeon agree to move forward. Here you’ll meet your surgeon in person for a face-to-face consultation. To maximise your time, we get you in to see a MYA nurse straight after your surgeon consult for them to take your vitals (blood pressure, MRSA swab, any necessary blood tests, etc.). With a smooth recovery, you will be expected to come back and see us in person one more time for your 7-day post-op appointment with the nurse. You will receive a 12-week sign off from your surgeon and MYA nurse and this will be done in person or if you prefer, via eConsult.

Why eConsults are best

MYA’s 6 Clinical Hubs

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Newcastle
  6. Bristol

MYA’s 3rd Party Hospital Facilities

  1. First Trust Hospital in Preston
  2. Harley Health Village in London
  3. The London Welbeck Hospital
  4. New Victoria Hospital