Designer Vagina (Vaginal Surgery)

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Vaginal cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular for women of all ages in the UK. Vaginal surgery has been commonly described in the media as a “Designer Vagina”, but women undergo vaginal surgery for various different reasons. Often it is because women are dissatisfied with their genital appearance or would like to increase their sexual experience.

Vaginal surgery, or cosmetic Gynaecology, is particularly popular with new mums and sexually active women. It is no longer a taboo subject meaning women who are uncomfortable with their vagina’s appearance or have experienced discomfort and embarrassment because of it, can have it rectified with a simple procedure by expert surgeons.

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There are three main types of designer vagina surgery; labiaplasty, vaginal tightening and pubic mound liposuction. The aim of labia reduction is to reduce the excess tissue of the labial minora (inner skin which protrudes outside of the vaginal outer skin) thus creating a neater, more symmetrical appearance to the area. Labia surgery should last between 30 and 60 minutes under local or general anaesthetic with an option of a day case or overnight stay. This will be discussed with your surgeon based on your personal preference and on a case by case basis.

Vaginal Tightening

Often following child birth, the muscles of the vagina wall lose elasticity and the muscles begin to sag. Another cause for this may be relaxation of the muscle tone as women start to age, causing a loosening of the vaginal muscles and of the surrounding tissue. Vaginal tightening is aimed to improve the tone of the vagina by tightening its muscles and the supporting tissues. Vaginoplasty is carried out under general aesthetic for your comfort and requires an overnight stay in a MYA private hospital.

Read more about our vaginal tightening surgery.

Pubic Mound Liposuction

Pubic liposuction is the surgical procedure which removes unwanted fatty tissue from the pubic mound (the area of skin covering the front of the pubic bone). This small area can also be treated with Vaser or Laser liposuction.

It is important to keep your incisions clean and dry for the days following the procedure. Dissolvable stitches will be used, and any tenderness and swelling with subside approximately 7 to 14 days after the procedure. During this time, loose and comfortable clothing is advised. Sexual and physical activity isn’t recommended until 6 weeks post op following your surgeon consultation.

When will I be able to take part in sexual activities?

This is not advised until at least 6 weeks post op and you have attended a post op check with your surgeon. The same applies for exercise.

What shall I wear following surgery?

You will be supplied with a sanitary towel to wear in your underwear, loose fitting garments and cotton underwear are advised for the first week following designer vagina surgery.

When can I have a shower or bath?

Salt bath may be advised following surgery from your surgeon, or a shower then apply cream supplied this is usually down to your surgeons preference.

Will I need stitches removed?

No, dissolvable stitches will be used


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