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4 Best Sports Bras for Augmented Breasts

MYA guest blogger Alice: I'm taking over the MYA blog today to give you the full run down of the best sports bras for augmented breasts. I'll give you a summary of my exercise history and talk you through my favourite brands and bras.

July 29th, 2018 |Lifestyle

My breast enlargement story

Exercise was probably one of the main reasons why I decided to get a breast augmentation. I’ve always been up and down weight wise, most of it being puppy fat, but two years ago I fell in love with the gym and I’ve never looked back! The benefits of exercise are endless but one of those benefits has definitely been being able to lose and maintain a weight. I am super happy and I just feel so much more confident with myself; perhaps the most I’ve ever felt in my life. I would say I’ve always been a confident and bubbly person despite not feeling confident with my body but since discovering gym classes that’s all changed.

I’ve always had boobs, I was blessed with a pair of big boobs starting from the age 13/14. I went to an all-girls school too, so we’d all be envious of each other’s chests and everyone always used to say I had big ones! By the time I’d left school at 18, my boobs were a lovely 32D. I’m quite broad anyway so they really suited my petite figure but because of the weight I was carrying, they made me look even bigger that I was when I wore baggy t-shirts etc… you just can’t win! So one day I just woke up and decided I didn’t want to look like this anymore, I wanted to lose weight and that’s what I did.

The weight dropped off me within a couple of months and I was really happy with my little abs poking through. It was all well and good getting abs but something I’d also lost was my boobs. My big round 32Ds had gone and what was left was a very tubular, unfulfilled, saggy 32B! By unfulfilled I mean I couldn’t actually fill a bra properly unless it was a wonder bra/push bra. They were awful, something I hated about myself even though I loved what I saw in the mirror for the rest of my body.

I decided just after Christmas last year to get them done. I think it was actually the day after Boxing Day because I’d gone out on Boxing Day with a maximise push up bra from Primark, you know those ones that have the ridiculous and uncomfortable padding? Well one of those AND a pair of training socks down my bra in order to wear a bandage dress and make them look pushed up! That was the final straw, I just thought to myself: "I’m 19 years old, I’m out wearing stunning dresses every weekend why should I have to do this?" I weighed up my financial status and decided enough was enough. I spoke to my Mam who was 100% supportive knowing how I felt and that was it… February 3rd 2016: Dr Traynor gave me my dream boobs!

After my op, to be precise about 6 weeks after, I started back at the gym. I’d walked 3 miles every day after my operation, just slow light walking though. I had done a spinning class at my own pace as I’d explained to my instructor about my operation but really felt ready for it! I’ll be honest, it’s been a nightmare finding a sports bra for my new 32F’s. When I run, just to make sure they don’t move, I do actually wear 3 sports bras –gasps! So I thought I’d share with you all the best sports bras that have worked for me!

Where to buy sports bras after a breast augmentation:

  1.  George Asda – Zip Front Sports Bra

I have a pink one, but it’s basically the same as this one! I bought this for a post-op bra but found it incredibly supportive and wear it every time I go to the gym. You can buy these online and in store. They usually have more selection in store. Great value for money!

  1. Nike High Impact Sports Bra

I bought one of these from a Nike outlet store ages ago, not even for post-surgery. I bought it because it was a great quality and support pre-operation! Very comfortable and super quick drying material. They are well worth investing in.

  1. Primark

All I’m saying is don’t knock their High Impact sports bras as well as their normal sports bras. I like to wear a normal one on top of the high impact bra when I go running (my boobs literally don’t move ha!)

  1. Shock Absorber – Ultimate Run Bra

These are great! The Infinity 8 support system counteracts the breasts figure-of-eight movement during running and high impact sports. Although being fitting, you can breathe in these I promise.


I hope this helps! If anyone has any questions, please do get in touch on social media. Love, Alice Fairwether. x

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