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What is the difference between overs and unders?

When considering breast surgery there are a few factors you need to take into consideration before going ahead with a procedure.

March 15th, 2019 |Ask an Expert

Choosing your breast implants

Patients who are undergoing a breast enlargement or augmented mastopexy procedure with breast implants need to consider the size, shape, placement, and profile of the implants. This will be discussed in detail with your MYA surgeon during your consultation at one of the clinical hubs. You will also get the opportunity to try on different implant sizes to get a feel for the result you are looking to achieve.  

When patients refer to the term overs and unders they are typically describing the breast implant placement. There are 3 different placements that patients can choose from, however, not all placements are suitable for all patients, your MYA surgeon will make medical recommendations based on your physiology.  

Factors that affect breast implant placement: 

  • How much natural breast tissue you have 

  • Your body shape and frame  

  • The implant size 

  • The desired result you are looking to achieve  

What are the different types of breast implant placement?  

The placement of breast implants refers to whether the implant is placed under the muscle, over the muscle or partially between both: 

  • Subglandular - The implant is placed in front of the muscle and behind the breast tissue. This is a popular placement and recovery can be less painful than other implant placements. Subglandular placement is often recommended to patients who have enough existing breast tissue to cover the implant fully.

  • Submuscular - The implant is placed under the muscle, this helps to reduce the risk of rippling, the risk of capsular contracture and helps to provide a smoother contour from the clavicle to the nipple. Submuscular implant placement can lead to more discomfort during recovery, you may also be asked to wear a breast band post operatively to assist with the implants settling into the pockets. This is often the placement of choice for women with little existing breast tissue to cover the implants. 

  • Subfascial - The implant is placed between the connective tissue (fascia) and the muscle. This helps to reduce the risk of rippling, prevents the appearance of a prominent profile and the muscle movement over the implant helps to soften it.

 How do I find the right breast implants? 

Research, research research! We recommend carrying out research into the breast procedure you are considering before attending your surgeon consultation. Having a good understanding of breast implants and the different options available to you will help you make an informed decision and attend the consultation with an idea of the look and size you are hoping to achieve with breast surgery.  

Joining the MYA forum, following our MYA Instagram account, reading our patient stories and looking at before and after photos on our website is a great way to start your research process. However, it is important to remember that every body is different and that 300cc implants in one patient might look very different in another patient.  

During your surgeon consultation, your surgeon will discuss the benefits and limitations of different implant sizes and placements, they will examine your breasts, take measurements and check skin elasticity. This process will help inform the surgeon’s recommendation for the best implant option for you.  

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