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Why did you want the procedure?

I had a breast augmentation and closed rhinoplasty.


What was the trigger in your life to say right I am doing this now?

I wanted the breast augmentation as every time I tried dresses on that didn’t require a bra, I felt I never filled them out. Or in sports bras at the gym, I had the same problem. I was never flat chested but a small C cup and push up bras were my best friend!! I had closed rhinoplasty at the same time as my nose was straight with a slightly big tip, it was rounded and every time I smiled in photos I hated it!!

Were your friends/family/partner supportive?

A few of my friends had their boobs done and living in Essex it became so normal! With my nose, I had wanted that done since I was a little girl, I remember when I was in school and I was called big nose and it just killed me! So, I made the decision to have them done at the same time, booked it in and two weeks later I was in surgery! My mum was slightly worried not that she was against it but of course any mother thinks their daughter is beautiful. My partner at the time was a real support though that time and completely understood my reasons.

Why did you choose MYA as your cosmetic surgery provider?

I chose MYA as it was the most popular, it was the first place I thought of and if I’m being honest I didn’t even consider or look anywhere else. I had a clinic so close by within ten miles (Chelmsford) it all seemed so easy.


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How was your consultation (initial and surgeon)?

I met with my PC and she ran through the surgeons that could do both procedures at the same time. She had just had her boobs redone a week before and was full of advice. I heard nothing but amazing things about my surgeon and I decided within 10 mins that’s who I was going for. I met with him a week later and told him I wanted to be an E cup. He recommended a 525cc in one breast and 565cc in the other to even them out as normal one was slightly bigger. With my nose he suggested closed rhinoplasty which means all the incisions were done up the nostril so no scaring which to me personally was perfect.

How did you fund your procedure?

My partner at the time paid for my surgeries, I will forever be grateful. I was very lucky to be able to pay for the surgery in one go so ten days later I was off to Highgate hospital for my procedure.

How was the day of your procedure?

I do not get nervous just excited and wanted it to be over and done with. I arrived early and was taking to my room, the staff there were so friendly and put my mum at ease as she was the nervous one! I had to stay overnight too as I had rhinoplasty.


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How was your recovery?

My recovery was more painful than I expected for my boobs*. It’s such a popular procedure so I expected it to be a breeze, but it was an uncomfortable week. It felt more like something was sitting on my chest and the strapping and drains were painful. My nose on the other hand was pain free*!! I didn’t feel a thing and that shocked me.

Are you happy with your results?

I couldn’t be happier with my results, I am now 4 years post up and love my boobs and nose more than ever. Within one month my boobs looked perfect, my nose on the other hand was swollen for a few months and it takes a year and half to heal completely*.

Would you recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

I will keep recommending MYA to everyone, I really feel a more confident person and it’s something I did for myself

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