Breast Implant Removal & Reaugmentation

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A removal of breast implants and reaugmentation is a surgical procedure in which a patient’s current implants are removed along with any internal scar tissue, the pocket is repaired, and the new implants are placed. This is usually carried out through the original incision to minimise scarring.

Implants do not have a sell-by date and therefore do not require replacing every 10 – 20 years as some people currently believe. Reasons why patients would want to undergo breast implant removal and replace their implants include:

  1. To increase or decrease the size of the breasts
  2. Breast appearance has changed following child birth or weight loss
  3. Breast appearance has changed following weight loss
  4. Breast appearance has changed with age. With age skin can weaken and gravity takes its toll resulting in a less desirable look

A breast implant removal procedure is low risk, but like any procedure there are still risks involved. One risk associated with breast enlargements is capsular contracture, or capsulation. This is the hardening of scar tissue around the implant, which can result in needing a removal and reaugmentation. Capsulation is covered as part of MYA’s aftercare and affects less than 1% of patients.

Removal and reaugmentation patients are advised to take 1 week off work and refrain from physical activities for 6 – 8 weeks post op. During this time, patients will also be required to wear a post-op bra. All post-op instructions will be very similar to your initial procedure so you are somewhat prepared as to what to expect.

*There is no guarantee of specific outcomes so individual results and experiences can vary from person to person.


Patient Coordinbator Consultation

At your first consultation with a Patient Coordinator, you will be walked through your patient journey with MYA and some discussion will follow about implant shapes and possible sizes; we also want to find out what your expectations for the surgery outcome are. If you are suitable for surgery, you will be told about the operation, the expected outcome and possible risks and complications.

At your first consultation, you will be asked what is bothering you about your current breast implants and about your expectations from the surgery. You will be examined and some discussion will follow about implant shapes and possible sizes. It is not possible to just pick a cup size and ask your surgeon to supply that.

At your preoperative consultation with your surgeon, they will assess your chest wall, your existing volume of breast tissue alongside your current implants and placement, and assess how much skin is available to accommodate the new implant, especially if you want to increase the size. Your surgeon will be able to give you an idea of what implant is appropriate for you. Your surgeon will not be able to guarantee your cup size.


Your surgery will be performed under General Anaesthetic (GA). Breast implant removal under local anaesthesia is uncommon. General Anaesthetic stops you feeling pain and other sensations; it gives you a state of controlled unconsciousness (being asleep). The anaesthetist, who has had specialist training, will start the anaesthetic by inserting a needle which is used to put a cannula (small thin plastic tube) into a vein in the back of your hand or arm – it will take about 30 seconds to work. If you’re worried about having a needle in your hand, you can speak to your anaesthetist about this prior to surgery.

Day Of Surgery

You will be admitted to hospital on the day of surgery and often be discharged the same day. Please be aware that you will not be taken to surgery straight away and you can have a wait of up to 6 hours, please speak to the hospital staff on the day for updates on your operation time. Once you have returned from your operation, your chest will feel tight and your breasts and ribs below your breasts will be tender. You should be mobile from day one and can exercise after 6 weeks.


Your Surgeon will make a small (typically between 2-3 inches) incision in the crease of your breast. They will try and make the incision along your original scar line to remove your current implants. They will then insert the new implants either in front of the muscle, between, or underneath, depending on your initial discussions with the Surgeon and your previous implant placement. The incision will be closed with either dissolvable or non-dissolvable sutures, depending on your Surgeon.

All MYA Surgeons are highly experienced with full medical insurance and only perform Cosmetic Surgery. They are therefore highly skilled in this field and they will be able to make appropriate recommendations regarding the placement of your implant.


Immediate Recovery

After surgery, you will be taken to your room where a nurse will routinely monitor you as you start to fully wake up from the anaesthetic. Your nurse will offer you tea and toast and it will take a final 3-4 hours until you are ready to leave if you are a day case. Most patients prefer to stay in our hospital overnight as this gives them an opportunity to recover from the surgery in a safe environment and under the supervision of our nurses who specialise in cosmetic surgery.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Breast Augmentation?

Every woman’s breast implant removal and reaugmentation recovery time is different. In general, you will probably feel a little sore and some swelling after breast augmentation surgery, which will subside after 7-14 days. Pain relief will be prescribed and administered as required to ease any discomfort you may have. You will likely have bruising and swelling that usually lasts 7-21 days, this is normal following all operations.

At first your breasts may look too high and the skin appears tight. This tends to settle down over the first 6 weeks or so as a more natural shape emerges. It is extremely important that your wounds are checked post-operatively by a nurse; this is to ensure the wound is healing well. It is very important that you attend all your breast reaugmentation post-op appointments; it is equally important to ensure you follow all instructions provided to you to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve the result desired by you and your surgeon.

Post-operative Care

It is very important that you attend your post-operative appointments with all MYA medical professionals; it is also equally important to ensure you follow all instructions provided to you to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve the result desired by you and your surgeon. Failure to follow this guidance may compromise your result and your surgeon may decide they are unable to carry out revision surgery in these instances.


How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Cost?

We focus on providing high quality care from your initial consultation through every step of your journey and beyond that to aftercare. To ensure you receive the support you deserve, all of our prices reflect our commitment to service and are tailored to the individual patient’s needs.

Breast Reaugmentation On Finance

We understand that the cost of breast removal and replacement can have an impact on your decision to have the procedure. That’s why we’ve made things simple and stress-free with a choice of flexible options on breast enlargement finance. For example, a £5000 procedure could be financed with a £500 deposit and 60 monthly payments of £94 (total credit charge of £1,1145, £6,140 total repayable and 9.9% APR representative). Visit our finance page to learn more about breast implant removal prices and to try our Affordability Calculator now!

Read more about our finance options and try our Affordability Calculator, or book a free consultation here.

Before and after - Breast Implant Removal

Move the slider back and forth to see the transformation 3 - 1 3 - 2 1 - 11 - 2 2 - 12 - 2 At MYA, we’re dedicated to making your journey as clear and comfortable before and after breast implant removal. The outcome of At MYA, we’re dedicated to making your journey as clear and comfortable before and after breast implant removal. The outcome of each procedure is different for every individual and is based on their body shape and expectation. To see for yourself, scroll through the breast implant removal before and after pictures of some of our patients’ results. Many factors can lead women to opt for the removal of breast implants followed by reaugmentation. These include the desire to change the size of their implants or to improve their breasts’ appearance due to changes after childbirth, weight loss or age. Another factor is capsulation which can cause the hardening of scar tissue around the existing implant. This affects less than 1% of women who have had a breast enlargement. Although you are aware of what to expect due to your first enlargement, it will help to look at MYA’s breast reaugmentation before and after photos so you can see what a difference the transformation can make. These are just a few of our patients' photos and we will be happy to show you some more before and after pictures during your initial consultation. MYA has a network of nationwide plastic surgery clinics which includes: LeedsLiverpoolManchesterNewcastleCardiffNottinghamBirminghamLondonChelmsford and Bristol


What Quality Are Mya Implants?

MYA uses only highest quality breast implants that abide by strict regulations and quality standards. This is why we only trust Mentor, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, with over 40 years of experience in making breast implants.

Made with medical grade silicone gel, they have a soft and fluid consistency – mimicking the feel of a real breast. Mentor has an extensive range of implants, including over 1,000 shapes (both round and anatomical teardrop) and sizes (from 100cc to 850cc). We’re confident you’ll be able to find an implant that best matches your expectations and surgeon’s recommendations.

If you’d like to learn more about our Mentor implants, click here.

Are Breast Implants Safe?

Yes, breast implants are safe. We use Mentor, which are silicone gel implants; they have 4 layers of shell so there is no risk of leaking. Due to the surface and texture of how Mentor implants are made, there is less risk of capsulation and a low risk of rupture.

Are Breast Implants Subject To An Independent Review Group?

The Independent Review Group (IRG) on Silicone Breast Implants was assembled by the Chief Medical Officer of the UK to review the possible health issues associated with silicone gel breast implants. Members of the IRG were selected for their independent views, their knowledge and understanding of the issues, and lack of any financial interest in the conclusions they reached. Led by Professor Roger D. Sturrock, MD, FRCP, the IRG reported in 1998 that there is no scientific evidence of an association between silicone gel-filled breast implants and any established connective tissue disease.

Are Breast Implants Subject To The European Committee On Quality Assurance?

In July 1998, the European Committee on Quality Assurance and Medical Devices in Plastic Surgery released a report that contained the following conclusions: “There are conclusive scientific, clinical, immunological, epidemiological data, that silicone gel-filled breast implants do not cause any autoimmune nor connective tissue diseases”. Their report also stated, “Updated studies continue to show that silicone gel-filled implants do not cause cancer nor other malignant diseases”. The entire declaration can be found online.

Does Breast Reaugmentation Leave A Scar?

Breast reaugmentation usually uses the original incision created during the breast enlargement process.

Please note that the scar can also migrate following surgery as the implants settle which means that the scar is not always guaranteed to fall within the natural breast crease. The rate and extent to which the scars heal and fade are variable and differ from individual to individual. Very rarely, a scar does not heal as expected.

Do Breast Implants Need To Be Replaced?

The length of time a breast implant lasts is unknown and may vary from individual to individual. The Medical Devices Agency has recommended that implants are replaced every 10-15 years or at least visit your surgeon for an assessment during this time.

Can I Have A Breast Implant Removal Without Replacement?

Breast implant removal without replacement is an option if you do not want to have new implants in place of your old ones. Your surgeon will be able to best advise what the likely result will look like.

Why Would You Need Your Implants Replacing?

Typically, patients will have their implants in for around 10 years and then opt for an implant removal and re-augmentation procedure. This will normally be due to the natural changes that the female body undergoes during this time. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and the natural ageing of skin can mean that breasts could change in shape and size, meaning that implants no longer sit on the chest wall as they once did. There are instances of patients having their implants in for 30 years so it really does depend on your own body.

Find out about breast implant removal and re-augmentation here.

Does Breast Reaugmentation Affect Breastfeeding?

Breast implants will not normally prevent breastfeeding but may adversely affect the shape of the breast as may pregnancy itself. Women should expect physical changes to their bodies that could affect the aesthetic results of surgery and in some cases, it is advised that patients wait until after completion of their family or have achieved their optimum weight before surgery.

Find out more during a free consultation.

What Happens In A Breast Reaugmentation?

This is a 45 – 60-minute procedure that is carried out under General or Local Anaesthetic as a day case or as an overnight stay. Your original incision is reopened in the crease under the breast to allow the breast implant to be removed and a new one inserted.

What Are Breast Implant Placements? Unders, Overs, Partials?

There are three different breast augmentation types (as shown below). MYA surgeons are able to advise you as to which implant placement is the best option.

SUBMUSCULAR (Breast enlargement under the muscle)

SUBGLANDULAR (Breast augmentation over the muscle)

PARTIAL (Breast enlargement partially below the muscle)

What Is Anaesthesia?

General Anaesthesia (GA) is when medications are administered to cause a controlled reversible loss of consciousness so that you are unaware of surgery. People often refer to this as being put to sleep. The patient will awake from surgery in recovery, feeling sleeping and unaware that the surgery has taken place, with a team of medical staff as support.

What Sizes Can I Choose?

There is an extensive range of breast implant sizes that will be offered to you. Following an assessment with the surgeon, they will advise the most appropriate size for your desired look. Implants sizes are measured in “cc” which is a unit of volume.

What Are High Or Extra High Profiles?

“Profiles” refers to the amount of forward projection off the chest wall. With respect to the profile you wish to achieve, you and your surgeon may choose a round or contoured implant. Mentor round gels are offered in 5 projections: low, moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra high projections. Similarly, Mentor Contour Profile Gel breast implants or CPG offer 3 projections to match your unique physiology. These projections are: moderate, moderate plus, high or extra high.

Where Are Your Hospitals?

MYA’s first fully owned hospital is The MYA Fitzroy in London. MYA also operate out of private hospitals and clinics: The First Trust in Preston and Pall Mall Medical in Newton-Le-Willows. All of which carry out breast augmentations.

How Long Will I Have To Take Off Work?

After a breast reaugmentation, MYA recommend you take 7 days off work for office based work. If you drive then you will need to find another form of transport as you are not advised to drive for 14 days. If you undertake heavy lifting or other strenuous physical activity please speak with your clinic nurse or surgeon for the best advice.

Will I Expect To Be In Pain Following My Breast Reaugmentation?

Like any surgical procedure, some discomfort can be expected but this varies for each individual. Pain following a boob job is easily managed with pain relief and advice provided on the day of surgery. If you are concerned, we advise speaking with other breast augmentation patients on our MYA Space forum who may help you to feel reassured.

What’s The Price For Breast Reaugmentation?

Prices vary for every individual subject to implant size/type, overnight stay or daycase or late space discount. If you’re having trouble funding your procedure, MYA offer fantastic finance options so make sure you check out our incredible finance calculator.

I’m Confused! Who Can I Talk To?

If you have any questions then the best person to talk to is someone at MYA! You can book a free consultation by calling 03330141014 or completing an online enquiry form at the top of the page. Have you heard about our MYA Forum? Speak to real patients for great advice from our very own community of MYA girls.

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