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Amy Lauren Mat

The Vaser Diaries

Lose up to 4 litres of fat in 2 hours

MYA has 11 clinics nationwide and we provide you with some of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world.

Join us as we follow the journeys of three MYA patients, Lauren, Amy and Mat, who have each undergone MYA Vaser Lipo treatment to help them achieve a better body.

During the Vaser Diaries series, we go behind the scenes and delve into our patients’ lives to follow their journey and learn how Vaser Lipo helped change the lives of Lauren, Amy and Mat. Find out how they felt before the treatment, their reasons for having the procedure, and seeing their amazing results and how it changed their lives.

Watch the videos to get a full insight into these patients’ experiences with Vaser Lipo and how it worked for them.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Lipo helps to remove unwanted fat from stubborn problem areas on the body. The superior PowerX technology can remove up to 4 litres of fat in just two hours and because it’s minimally invasive (unlike other Liposuction procedures) – the recovery time is much shorter. Find out more about Vaser Lipo and how it could help you.

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Lauren, 22

I’ve danced from the age of 3 so
always being quite athletic - I enjoy
going to the gym regularly, and I’m a
happy size 10. But despite how hard I was
working, the fat on my stomach and back just
wouldn’t shift. Vaser offered me maximum fat
removal in minimum time; and allowed me to have a
quick recovery with as little pain as possible.

During recovery I had 3 days off work - I was a little bruised and swollen but I could see the results straight away, so I knew it was all worth it. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results as it’s brought me so much more confidence.

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