What is Macom?

Macom was founded in 2006 as is the UK's leading post-surgery compression garment and shapewear provider. Macom has worked closely with the world's leading cosmetic surgeons and industry experts to create medical-grade products that provide the best patient experience to their customers. Wearing compression garments following a cosmetic surgery procedure such as a breast enlargement, is an essential part of a patient's healing journey, so finding the perfect post-op bra is key!

Macom's compression garments are handmade and uniquely designed with innovative fabric technology, that allows the fabric to mimic the patients' movements closely while lying flush against their skin, preventing any empty spaces or creases. Surgeons state that, maintaining a consistent external pressure on deep tissues will reduce the chances of common post-operative complications and enhance treatment outcomes, improving healing times, minimising scarring, and reducing pain.


Why should I buy the Macom4MYA bra?

The Macom4MYA bra has been exclusively designed, to provide our amazing MYA patients with a post-op bra that aids healing and provides maximum comfort and support. The Macom4MYA bra offers full coverage and support for post-surgery patients and is made from a soft, breathable material, that is 100% latex free, hypoallergenic and doesn't retain body heat- keeping patients comfortable and cool during their recovery. This unique seamless bra is designed without underwiring for superior comfort and healing, minimising the chance of irritation of scars and stitches.

The bra uses encapsulation and compression to lift and support the breasts during recovery and has been uniquely designed to include an adjustable frontal closure, adjustable straps & fully expandable cups. The Macom4MYA bra can be discretely hidden in most clothing, due to it's low décolletage, so there's no need to worry about having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Many patients have reported to love the bra so much, they continue to wear it after they've passed the 6 week healing period!

How do I purchase a Macom4MYA post-op bra?

The exclusive Macom4MYA bra is available to purchase direct from MYA today - £72 for 2 bras (including postage and packaging) Call 03330141014 or email info@mya.co.uk to place your order!


What size do post-op bra do I need?

Due to the Macom4MYA bra's expandable cups, there's no need to worry about sizing.  The only measurement you need is your current high street bra size and the expandable cup will mould to your new cup size. Find your pre-surgery back size and use the chart below to find out which Macom4MYA bra is for you!


The benefits of wearing a post-op bra

Watch the video below as Macom expert, Nadja explains the benefits of wearing the Macom4MYA post-operative bra following your procedure. 

How much does a Mom4MYA post-op bra cost?

The uniquely designed Macom4MYA bra is available for MYA patients to purchase for an exclusive price of £72 for 2 bras (including postage and packaging). To place your order today call 03330141014 or email info@mya.co.uk!


Wear one wash one

Here at MYA we recommend the purchase of two bras, as patients are required to wear a post-surgical bra 24 hours a day during their recovery for up to 6 weeks. Maintaining cleanliness and keeping your post-op bra clean following surgery is key as it reduces the chance of infection. Our motto is 'wear one, wash one', so you always have a spare bra to keep your new breasts supported, while you wash your other bra. 

  • The bra should be washed by hand, at 30°C
  • Do not tumble dry to avoid damage to the bra's shape and loss of elasticity
  • Do not use solvents to remove stains


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