As this singing sensation sets his sights on global domination, his once cuddly frame has seen a dramatic transformation to svelte and toned. No more noticeable than at The Grammy’s last week where the 23-year-old opted for a figure-hugging pin striped suit. He was barely recognisable from his debut to the world in 2013 when he added his amazing vocals to Latch by electronic duo Disclosure.
Sam insists that the weight loss and body transformation is solely from an improved eating regime and insists it is not cosmetic surgery. Despite this, we can’t help but notice he is spending a lot of time in LA and we know the Hollywood Hills are home to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world (apart from MYA of course). Causing a stir with his slimmed-down figure, Sam explained the secret behind his staggering weight loss to CBS at the ceremony last week, “I've just not eaten like a pig anymore, that’s what I'm doing, basically.” Although fans took to social media to voice their concerns about star's dramatic new look, he insisted that he has been losing weight the healthy way, after reading nutritionist Amelia Freer’s book Eat, Nourish, Grow. We all know that celebs like to hide having cosmetic surgery so is there a chance that Sam Smith had some liposuction to lose weight or was it all natural? The fact that his face has slimmed down significantly seems to say that he's lost weight all over, which seems to point in the "natural" direction. There's always a chance he may have had additional vaser liposuction to remove those stubborn areas of fat though. Either way, as long as the transformation does not affect his vocals, we love Sam before and after the weight loss.