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My Vaser Journey @myagirl_bethj

We spoke with our lovely patient, Beth @myagirl_bethj about her Fat Removal journey with MYA, to find out what lead her to wanting cosmetic surgery and to share her experience in her own words with others who may be interested in the procedure. 

January 22nd, 2021 |Patient Stories

My own little journey to happiness

Before and After Cosmetic Surgery - MYA Cosmetic Surgery

Why did you want to have Fat Removal?

I really struggled losing weight, I was dieting non-stop and torturing myself at the gym but never achieved the results I wanted. I started researching online and found myself constantly looking at vaser lipo videos on YouTube and stalking different surgeons. After roughly a year of talking about the procedure to friends and family, I finally contacted MYA. My family knew I struggled with my weight and knew that I was passionate about getting it done for myself and nobody else so they were supportive of my decision, despite their concerns about me only being 22. 

How were your consultations with your patient coordinator and surgeon? 

I'll be honest, the first time I met a surgeon I actually left in tears because he didn’t say what I was expecting him to say. I then went to speak with my Patient Coordinator about my concerns and worries as I wasn’t happy with the outcome of the meeting I'd just had with the surgeon and she was great, she  reassured me straight away and said let’s introduce you to another surgeon who might be better suited for you, Dr Joffily. I met Dr Joffily and all my concerns were lifted and I was so excited to go ahead with surgery. It just goes to show that sometimes you need to have a few consultations before you find the surgeon who is the right fit for you and it's important not to have too many high expectations going into the meeting. 

How would you describe your surgeon?

Brilliant, he was so informative with everything. He put me at ease as soon as I met him and he showed me before and after pictures of  his work and other fat removal patients. Joffily talked me through the risks and recovery and made me more exited, than nervous to see him again. All the MYA staff were so helpful and were at the other end of the phone in no time with any questions or concerns I had too.

Cosmetic Surgery Before and After - MYA Cosmetic Surgery

How was your recovery?

The day after surgery I was in a lot of discomfort and struggled to get up and down on my own. It felt like my garments were digging in to my flanks but they had to be on tight so they could work their magic. When I got home, I relied on my partner a lot as I could barely go to the toilet alone. I wasn’t in pain I was just uncomfortable. The medication I had really helped with any 'pain' I did experience and for the first week it was just getting used to the uncomfortable garments. At 6 weeks I was still numb around my back area but soooo relieved to say bye to the garments even though my body started to get used to them.

Are you happy with your results?

I still cant get over it. My mental health has improved a lot and I've finally started loving myself. My confidence has grown so much and I can actually wear things I've never been able to wear before. My partner has noticed how much happier I’ve been since having the procedure, before, I wouldn't even look at myself naked in the mirror or be naked in front of him, now I'm walking around naked 24/7 - everyone’s happy haha! 

Would you recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

1000000%, I get so many messages on Instagram and I say if something's making you unhappy and you have the power to change it, DO IT. 

Before and After Cosmetic Surgery - MYA Cosmetic Surgery

What advice would you give someone looking into or researching cosmetic surgery?

Do it for you and you only! Don’t let the opinions of others sway your decision. Do lots of research and go to the consultation with questions prepared for the surgeon. It may be the first step of the best decision of your life!

If you have any questions regarding Fat removal, you can find Beth on Instagram @myagirl_bethj  or call 03330141014 to speak to someone from the MYA team.

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