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10 Myths about Boob Jobs Debunked

There are so many myths surrounding breast implants out there, including what you can and can’t do after a boob job. MYA has put a list together for you to read, enjoy, and share!

January 25th, 2023 |Lifestyle

1. You can’t breastfeed after a boob job


MYA experts say, “Breastfeeding is safe after a breast enlargement. The implants have no effect on the changes of the mammary glands during surgery, especially if they are inserted underneath the muscle. Breast size and mammary gland texture will change with multiple pregnancies and as years go by, whether there is an implant or not. In fact, the implant helps to enhance the shape and size of the breast in these circumstances.” 

However, due to a breast uplift being a slightly more invasive and complex procedure, there is a chance you could lose your breastfeeding ability after this operation. Check out the video below where one of our MYA surgeons tells us more.

2. All breast implants look fake


Having realistic-looking breast implants depends on many factors relating to the individual patient: the amount of natural breast tissue, the elasticity of the skin, the size of the implant, the projection of the implant, and the placement of the implant. 

Patients tend to choose submuscular implants for the more natural look, but your surgeon will be able to recommend the best option to suit your frame.

We like to think of ourselves as a community over here at MYA. We regularly share patient stories, reviews, and videos, so you can see before and after pictures and get a better understanding of the breast implant procedure itself - including healing time, aftercare, and what they’ll look like.  Join the MYA community today!

3. Breast implants cause cancer


In December 2011, it came to light that PIP implants had been deliberately manufactured with industrial-grade silicone and were more prone to rupturing. Despite this, extensive studies have found no ingredients in PIP implants to be cancer-causing.

There is also no evidence that silicone increases the risk of breast cancer. 

Here at MYA Cosmetic Surgery, we use Mentor implants. Results in implant studies involving 200,000 patients show that Mentor provides long-term safety and efficacy, giving those undergoing a breast enlargement the assurance that the implants being used are low risk.

4. Breast implants feel hard


It is a common misconception that breast implants look and feel hard. MYA use Mentor implants, that are created using silicone gel – they feel soft and fluid, but the gel acts as a unit. The gel holds together uniformly while retaining the natural “give” of breast tissue. It does this because of a cohesive, gelatin-like substance that acts as a solid rather than a liquid, maintaining its shape.

5. Mammography is not possible with breast implants


Mammogram scans are possible with patients who have breast implants but can be less effective than women who don't have implants. This is because the x-rays cannot ‘see’ through the implant to the breast tissue behind it.
Please remember it is important to tell your radiographer carrying out your breast screening if you have breast implants. They may need to use a slightly different technique so that as much breast tissue as possible can be shown on the x-ray. 

It is also very important that all women check their breast regularly for any signs of changes. Understanding your new normal following breast enlargement surgery is key. Follow our self-examination video guide to help you understand what signs and symptoms to look out for and how to check your breasts with implants.

Early detection of breast cancer could save your life, so start getting to know your normal now!

6. Breast implants need to be replaced every decade.


It is a common misconception that implants need to be replaced every 10 years. If you are not experiencing any problems with your implants, then there is no need to replace them.

If, however, something were to happen with the implant, then Mentor (MYA’s implant manufacturer) offers the following: 

  • Lifetime product replacement in case of confirmed rupture.

  • In the case of confirmed rupture, up to £850 of financial assistance, for a period of 10 years from the date of implantation. 

  • Free product replacement in the case of confirmed capsular contracture for a period of 10 years from the date of implantation. 

MYA also offers a comprehensive aftercare service, so we’ll be with you every step of the way if something were to happen.

If you do decide to replace your breast implants after 10 years or simply because you would like to change your implants for smaller or larger ones, MYA offer an implant removal and reaugmentation procedure.

7. Underwire bras cannot be worn with breast implants


MYA recommends waiting until fully recovered from your breast enlargement surgery (usually 6 weeks, or until you have been given the go-ahead by a member of the MYA clinical team) before wearing bras with underwire. Before this, we recommend wearing your post-op bra or a sports bra for support - many patients often find this more comfortable in the first few months of recovery. 

After this time, underwire bras, push-up bras and bralets are completely safe for augmented breasts. 

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?

8. Older women should not get breast implants


Breast enlargement is the most popular procedure among all women in the UK.  MYA believes you are never too old to feel good about your own body; in fact, many of our patients are over 40. 

Contributing factors related to age (ageing skin, childbirth, weight loss, gravity) can cause breasts to sag or droop, meaning many women over the age of 40 are more likely to opt for a breast uplift as well as a breast enlargement

Despite this, in 2013 at MYA, only 14% of women over 40 who had a breast augmentation required an uplift. 

Check out our patient stories to see the age range when it comes to boob jobs, and learn more about the process.

9. You have to be put to sleep during your breast enlargement


There are some instances where a boob job can be carried out under local anaesthesia (LA), however here at MYA all our procedures are carried out under general anaesthesia (GA). General anaesthetic puts patients into a controlled state of unconsciousness so that they don't feel any pain and are unaware of the surgical procedure taking place. To learn more about general anaesthesia check out our blog!

10. Fake breasts float in water


A breast enlargement procedure involves forming a breast pocket inside the breast to place the implant into. During healing, the body will naturally grow around the implant to hold it firmly in place. 

Implants are not filled with air (which would float above water) but filled with a gelatin-like substance (which acts like a solid rather than a liquid). They weigh enough to keep the implant from floating. 

Find out more with MYA Cosmetic Surgery 

No question is a silly question here at MYA. 

If you’re considering getting breast implants, but have heard some myths about life afterwards, feel free to contact us to clear them up. 

To speak to other patients (future, past, and present), we have a MYA forum that brings our patients together and acts as a space to debunk online myths and share experiences. 

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