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Has Kendall Jenner had a boob job?

Kendall Jenner. The ultimate ‘it-girl’ with a whopping 270 million followers on Instagram. Known for showcasing her trend-setting looks and hanging out with her A-lister friends, Kendall’s name is always in the press. 

January 13th, 2023 |Celebrity

Her contracts with big brands like Prada, Jacquemus and Versace have led to the Victoria Secret Angel becoming the highest-paid model in the world. 

But has she simply lucked out in the genes department or has she enlisted the help of surgeons to maintain her looks? Read on to find out more. 

Has Kendall Jenner had cosmetic surgery?

Since appearing in Keeping Up With The Kardashians at age 11, we’ve been with her every step of the way…or have we?

At the start of 2021, rumours began to do the rounds on the internet speculating the model had breast augmentation surgery for a subtle, yet noticeable change. Along with beady-eyed fans suggesting she’s had filler and botox to keep up her appearance.

Breast augmentation

In recent years, Kendall has been a regular in gossip columns surrounded by the question ‘has Kendall Jenner had a boob job?’

Kendall is much smaller in the breasts compared to her sisters, who have also had cosmetic surgery - with some disclosing the procedures and others keeping details under wraps. 

Her previously smaller chest seems to have been enhanced with a breast enlargement to reveal more cleavage and side boob on the red carpet. 

While numerous factors can contribute to larger breasts - age, hormones and weight gain - if Kendall has undergone surgery to enhance her breasts, the surgeon has used natural-looking implants for a more defined shape that doesn’t interfere with her fashion choices, and are still in proportion with her figure.

Nose job

If you look at pictures from when Kendall Jenner first appeared on our screens, the bridge and tip of her nose appear to be much slimmer since she started modelling professionally. 

One of our MYA surgeons suggests the natural, yet extremely desirable profile is all down to a nose job. Despite Kendall coming forward and denying the procedure, many still have doubts.

Rhinoplasty is a procedure that reshapes the bone, tissue and cartilage, to surgically refine the nose.

Non-surgical treatments 

A surgeon from MYA suggests that Kendall Jenner has used botox and filler to shape her face. The subtle changes have given her fullness in her lips, created a strong jawline and given her a lifted brow look. 

What Kendall Jenner says:

In the past, she’s come forward saying any changes to her looks have all been down to makeup techniques. She’s clearly learnt something from her makeup-loving sisters who have previously set trends and launched their own beauty lines. 

While contouring and overlining her lips definitely make a difference, there is still speculation Kendall’s had filler and botox in a number of areas like her cheeks, lips and jaw.

The verdict 

Whether Kendall has had cosmetic surgery or not, she’s still our go-to fashion guru.

We love it when celebrities come forward to talk about their cosmetic surgery procedures here at MYA. It promotes realistic beauty standards in a healthy way, empowering body honesty and showing that even models, actors and singers have confidence blips when it comes to their bodies. 

If you’re interested in one of the cosmetic surgery procedures mentioned today and want to find out more, contact the experts at MYA Cosmetic Surgery.

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