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MTF Top Surgery - Transgender Breast Augmentation

Have you been considering MTF top surgery?

Here at MYA we understand the importance of providing transgender and non-binary patients with a safe space. Offering quality care and a tailored process that meets the needs of the individual.

Read on to learn more about transgender breast augmentations and the steps you need to take to undergo surgery.

April 13th, 2023 |Ask an Expert

MTF Top Surgery

MTF surgery refers to the breast augmentation procedure, performed as part of gender-confirmation surgery. 

It means non-binary and transgender patients can achieve a more feminine look and shape to their chest, alleviating gender dysphoria and giving them more confidence. 

Is MTF top surgery different to a traditional breast augmentation?

Breast enlargement is a surgery that increases the breast size, therefore increasing the size of the chest to give a more desirable projection and shape. The only difference between the process is the requirements needed to be eligible for the surgery as a transgender person (read more below).

Eligibility for MTF breast augmentation surgery:

Patients must meet MYA's eligibility criteria to move forward with breast augmentation surgery. This will be discussed in more detail during your consultation.

  • Must be 18+ years of age to undergo cosmetic surgery

  • Must meet MYA's general health & mental wellbeing criteria

  • GP summary will be requested

  • Must have lived as a women for 1 year under the care of a specialist gender clinic

  • If taking hormone replacement medication, must have been taking them for 18 months

  • Some patients may be required to stop taking medication before their surgery (this will be discussed with your surgeon)

What is the process of transgender breast surgery at MYA?

As with any surgery at MYA Cosmetic Surgery, you will first need a consultation.

This is nothing to worry about - it’s simply a chance to talk about the options we have available, learn more about the procedure, give you a cost guideline, and provide the opportunity to discuss the requirements necessary to be eligible for MTF top surgery. You can book a FREE consultation online today! This is an e-consult, so you can talk about the surgery from the comfort and privacy of your own home, at your own pace.

You will then meet with one of our surgeons at a local clinical hub. This is when the desired result will be discussed, and you’ll have the chance to ask more in-depth questions regarding the procedure itself as well as any aftercare guidelines. Please note: The surgeon consultation will cost £25, but if you decide to go ahead with the surgery within 12 months, this cost will be deducted from the total at the end.

During the surgeon consultation, you will undergo a physical examination (a chaperone will also be present during this) to assess your suitability for the procedure, as well as a discussion of any potential risks.

Our aim here at MYA is to make sure each patient feels as comfortable as possible, which is why a second surgeon consultation is available upon request so you feel at ease on the day of surgery.

Check out our surgeon profiles to familiarise yourself with the team and learn more about their qualifications and specialities.

On the same day as your surgeon consultation (if available), you will also have a nurse vitals appointment to check blood pressure, take pre-procedure photographs, and review your medical history. You can also try on implant sizer kits to get a feel for the various projections and sizes.

How long does top surgery take?

During consultations the MYA team are often asked: how long does top surgery take?

Due to the difference in name, many think that the process is different to a traditional breast augmentation. However, this isn’t the case.

A trans breast augmentation procedure is performed under general anaesthetic and will take 1 hour in theatre. The only thing that takes more time is the initial consultations. As there is an eligibility checklist, it takes slightly longer to book trans patients in for surgery, but our team of experts will do what they can to speed up the process, so you can have your new boobs as quickly as possible!

How much does a transgender breast augmentation cost?

A transgender breast augmentation costs the same as any other breast surgery.

At MYA Cosmetic Surgery, the starting cost for a breast enlargement is £5,795. The procedure is tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual undergoing the surgery, so the total cost will be determined following the surgical assessment.

We have finance options available, but also accept card payments, giving patients flexibility when choosing how to pay for their procedure.

What support is available at MYA during trans top surgery?

Here at MYA we understand the importance of providing transgender and non-binary patients with a safe space. Offering quality care and a tailored process that meets the needs of the individual.

MYA have helped many trans patients with their breast augmentation journeys and we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable patient coordinators on hand to support you every step of the way.

Our expert surgeons can answer all of your cosmetic surgery questions and will discuss in detail the best treatment plan for you to achieve your desired result. They will talk you through your breast implant options, any risks or limitations and your extensive MYA aftercare plan.

We understand that meeting your surgeon for the first time can be a little bit daunting and you may feel nervous on the day, therefore patients can choose to bring a chaperone (friend or family member) with them to their appointments.

MYA also has an amazing community of past and present patients available to support patients through their journey. Head to MYA's Instagram or join the MYA Facebook Reviews Group to meet 1000's of likeminded patients sharing their before and after pictures and surgery advice with our community.

How to prepare for your top surgery consultation

It’s only natural to be nervous when meeting with cosmetic surgeons, as it’s a big step in your transition and can be a long time coming for many trans patients.

We recommend going into your consultation with an open mind and lots of questions! While it’s helpful to know about the types of surgeries in advance, our experts are here to recommend the most suitable option for you, your physical anatomy, and desired result.

Keep your phone or a notepad on hand to make notes throughout so you can reflect on the meeting afterwards. This is also helpful if you choose to go forward with a surgeon consultation, as you can clear up any uncertainty and ask further questions.

To make the experience more straightforward, we recommend you wear easy-to-remove clothing that you feel comfortable in when you meet with one of our surgeons. This makes assessments and taking pre-operation photographs a lot easier - for you and us.

For more information on what to expect on surgery day and during the run-up to the procedure, check out the MYA Patient Journey.

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