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MYA breast enlargement story - Shannon

MYA Patient, Shannon shares her thoughts and feelings as a 31 yr old mother of 3 embarking on her cosmetic surgery journey. Read on to hear her story.

April 19th, 2023 |Patient Stories

Why I decided to have cosmetic surgery

I am 31 years old and I have never had breasts larger than B cup (accept when my milk came in with my children). 

I had my first daughter at 22 and had my youngest daughter at 31. After having 3 Children my breasts were very deflated and empty, they were full of stretch marks and no matter what push up bra I tried, nothing helped. You can't just push up empty skin!

 I knew after my first if I was ever in a position to change anything about myself it would be to have breast implants.

My husband and I had a running joke that if I gave him 1 more child he would buy me boobs! And he really meant it. I must have looked at MYAs website 100's of time when he said, "just book a consultation". 

Booking my procedure

I booked my breast enlargement consultation from my bedroom. It was so quick and easy, I chose the next day and as soon as I had finished I became really emotional! I had wanted a breast augmentation for so long but I felt I was being selfish. I even had friends say to me that they would rather spend that amount of money on their kids.

 I felt this way too! But my husband explained I have done this for the last 10 years and I will forever going forward. So, why can't I buy myself something that is going to make me happy?

I had my consultation in December and my surgery was booked for February. Everything was straight forward and quick and I was so excited. My only concerns were the general anaesthetic and recovery (especially considering I had a 6 month old baby). 

Augmented Mastopexy - Breast Uplifts at MYA

My surgery day experience

The Harley Heath hospital was lovely and accommodating and despite being worried about my general anaesthetic, it was just like a really nice long sleep. 

I had 350cc dual plane implants combined with a breast uplift (also known as an augmented mastopexy). My recovery was much easier than I expected, I had a really supportive family and after 2 weeks I was almost back to normal. (I still felt a little like a Trex haha). 

 My recovery

My first appointment with the nurse 1 week post-op was my first stumble. I saw my nipples for the first time and when I came out, I completely broke down and I was convinced I would hate them forever. The nurse was very reassuring and told me they would change over time as I continued to heal, but I didn't believe her.

 At my 2 week post op appointment I was so anxious, but by then they were definitely looking better. You really do have to trust the process!!!

I am now so sooo pleased with not just my boobs themself, but my nipples and the scarring. I'm 8 weeks post-op and now using scar cream to help them fade, but if I'm honest, I'd be happy if they stayed this way.

How I feel after my breast augmentation

I am due to meet my surgeon again soon and I can't wait to hug him-I feel so confident!

I feel like a woman again! No more baggy jumpers and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to going out. Having my boobs done was the best decision I ever made! It's not selfish or vein! It's the one thing I needed to make me happy and feel like ME!

I have 3 children, my body is amazing, it just needed a little help and self love!! 

My poem about my cosmetic surgery journey

I wrote a poem to share my feelings about other people not accepting why I chose to have cosmetic surgery for myself and my happiness.

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