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What does a flipped breast implant look like?

With any cosmetic surgery procedure, there are certain risks and side effects. However, here at MYA, we ensure that patients are fully informed about any risks before surgery, including those related to breast implants. 

If you are concerned about the position or shape of your implants following surgery, contact your clinical team at MYA.

September 5th, 2023 |Ask an Expert

What is breast implant flipping?

While flipped breast implants are relatively uncommon, it's important you understand what you can do to further reduce the risk of it happening and who to contact if it does. 

A low risk of breast implant surgery is the implant rotating or moving out of place in the breast pocket following surgery (also known as breast implant malrotation). You may need another operation to put the implant back in position.

As the name suggests, a flipped breast implant is when a once-in-place breast implant 'flips' so that the back surface is facing forward. This can happen to both anatomical and round implants.  

Flipped breast implant symptoms

Breast augmentation and breast enlargement patients who experience breast implant flipping will notice a change in breast shape, unusual lumps appearing and feel discomfort in the breasts and chest. 

Breast implant flipping isn't necessarily life-threatening but it can be painful and cause low self-esteem as the implant can become visible, unsymmetrical and just look like poorly shaped implants.  

Causes of implant flipping

A flipped breast implant can be caused by a number of factors, including: 

Breast implant type

Low-quality implants can cause breast implant malrotation. Before surgeons had access to quality materials, silicone implants with a soft surface and minimal adhesion were used, causing implant rotation

In terms of breast implant options here at MYA, we use Mentor implants, which are famous for their adhesive surface technology that ensures secure fixation to the breast tissue. They're also less likely to cause capsular contracture, which is why a lot of breast implants flip over time. 

Trauma to the breast 

Breast trauma caused by physical impact can also cause breast implant flipping due to it being knocked out of position. 

Poor post-operative care 

Post-op care is vital for any type of breast surgery. Meeting with your surgeon and nurses allows them to check on your breast implant and your healing. Here they check on scars, how you're feeling and for a flipped implant

Most cosmetic surgery providers offer revisional surgery if something goes wrong within a certain time frame. While flipped breast implants are rare here at MYA, we do offer free revisions for up to 2 years after your operation if anything were to go wrong. 

Capsular contracture

After you undergo breast augmentation surgery, your body will form a layer of capsular tissue over the breast implant. 

Capsular contracture is when the capsule tightens around the implant causing breast implant flipping.

How to fix a flipped breast implant

If you do notice a flipped implant, we do not recommend that you try to move the implant back into place.

If you are concerned about the position or shape of your implants following surgery, contact your surgeon and the clinical team at MYA. The best and most recommended way to detect if your implant has flipped is to have an MRI scan or an ultrasound, which will be organised by your surgeon.

After a scan, we can determine if your implant has flipped in the breast pocket. We'll then organise revisional surgery to correct it. A rotated implant can be fixed using breast augmentation surgery and could include repositioning the implant or swapping for a different implant type if your surgeon recommends it.

Breast augmentation surgery with MYA

To reduce the risk of experiencing breast implant flipping, it's vital you go to an accredited surgeon who has access to quality implants and takes post-op care seriously - like us here at MYA.

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