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Breast Reduction Surgery at MYA

Can I get a breast reduction on the NHS?

A breast reduction is a procedure that reduces the size, shape and volume of the breasts to a more manageable size, that’s in proportion with the patient’s body.

While you may be thinking about speaking to your GP about getting a breast reduction on the NHS, is it worth considering whether it’s better to go private? The MYA team explore the pros and cons of each. 

February 27th, 2023 |Ask an Expert

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery, (also known as mammoplasty), is a way of reshaping and reducing the size of the breast by removing breast tissue, fat, and excess skin. The nipples are also repositioned to create smaller breasts that fit the patients’ proportions.

A breast reduction isn’t just done for cosmetic reasons. Many women with larger chests struggle with sore backs, rashes and low self-esteem due to their large breasts.

Why do people get breast reduction surgery?

People get breast reduction surgery for a variety of different reasons, but ultimately, it is to boost confidence and improve their quality of life. 

Many women struggle to buy supportive bras if they have larger breasts. Having boobs that fit the proportions of a patient’s body makes it much easier to shop for your body shape and create a flattering silhouette you feel comfortable in. 

Many of our previous patients have come back to us saying how much better they feel after their breast reduction. It has given them a whole new lease of life and made them feel empowered sexier and much more confident in their own skin.

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Long-term effects of large breasts 

Some women experience irritation, rashes, chafing and general discomfort when they have a larger chest, especially when they sweat or wear ill-fitting bras. This gets in the way of life and often means they can’t take part in exercise or even complete day-to-day tasks without difficulty.

Having a breast reduction can minimise this, making daily tasks much easier, contributing to a more active lifestyle and increased self-esteem.

Large breasts can also lead to more severe, long-term effects that are hard to rectify. Back pain in women with bigger chests is a common issue and a popular reason why they seek out breast reduction surgery. 

But it’s not just aches and pains. The weight of big boobs can causes continuous tension to the spine, leading to a curved back and poor posture.

Even if you’ve been professionally fitted for the correct size bra, wearing a bra when you have a larger chest can create indents in your shoulders that stick around long after you’ve taken your bra off for the day. While wide straps and bras made especially for big boobs are available, it doesn’t always eliminate the issue. 

Issues caused by large breasts:

  • Associated back and neck pain

  • Poor posture

  • Rashes and chafing

  • Indents in shoulders from bra straps

  • Exercise and lifestyle restrictions

  • Limited clothing and swimwear options

  • Low self-esteem and confidence

Private vs NHS breast reductions

The majority of women who get a breast reduction seek out private cosmetic surgery providers, like MYA Cosmetic Surgery but in the past, patients have been able to have breast reductions on the NHS. This is no longer an option for many women due to NHS cutbacks and strict eligibility criteria.

Therefore cosmetic surgery providers have seen a significant rise in patients seeking breast reductions privately. This is due to the completely bespoke and tailored service private practices provide, which isn’t always guaranteed with NHS procedures.

When you choose to have a breast reduction with a private practice like ours here at MYA Cosmetic Surgery, a specialist cosmetic surgeon will be assigned to you. The surgeons here at MYA are experts in their field and undertake cosmetic surgery procedures daily, so you can have the confidence you’ll get your desired result with us. 

You’ll have the opportunity to meet your MYA surgeon at your consultations prior to the procedure, where you’ll be able to build up a level of trust and get an understanding of their experience, the way they work and the outcome you can expect. Meet the MYA surgeons today to learn more about their qualifications and specialities. 

Getting a private breast reduction with MYA means you will receive an individually tailored treatment plan that meets your exact needs. For example, some women choose to get a breast uplift alongside their reduction for a more youthful appearance. 

At no extra cost, you will have a tailored aftercare plan along with extensive resources and support from your dedicated patient coordinator and MYA nurse. This combination will help you through your recovery and ensure everything is going to plan. You will also have support and advice from like-minded patients (past, present and future) using our MYA forum and by joining the MYA Community on Instagram.

Why choose MYA for your Breast Reduction?

If you have been considering breast reduction surgery for a while, MYA is here to help. At MYA Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our professional team of dedicated nurses, surgeons and patient coordinators, who support you through every step of your journey to achieve your desired result. 

MYA has helped thousands of happy patients and our team of expert surgeons have performed breast reductions on women of all ages that struggle with the size of their breasts. Breast reduction surgery typically takes around 1.5-3 hours in theatre and is carried out under general anaesthetic. The recovery period for a breast reduction is 6-8 weeks and most patients can expect to return to work after 14 days.

The starting cost of a breast reduction is £7,995 and procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements. Following your surgeon consultation, you will be given a fixed price unique to you.

MYA aim to organise a FREE initial consultation within 7 days of your enquiry, our exclusive video consult service is available for a time and date convenient for you. Meet our team of experts and learn more about breast reduction surgery from the comfort of your own home.

You will have the opportunity to meet your surgeon for an in-person consultation at one of our clinical hubs within 1 month of your enquiry, depending on availability. 

The typical patient journey from consultation through to surgery is around 6 months. For more information check out our blog - ‘What is the timescale from consultation to surgery?

Hear from our MYA patient Georgia about her breast reduction journey with MYA

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Want to hear from real-life patients? Check out our patient stories, and take a look at the MYA forum to read the journeys of other women who have undergone breast reduction surgery.

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