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Breast Reduction Surgery at MYA

My Asymmetric Breast Reduction at 23

My name is Emily and I have wanted a breast reduction for the whole of my adult life. As a teen I was rather overweight, and managed to lose 3 and a half stone when I was 22. My breasts were always uneven but with this drastic weight loss they became even more noticeable as they sagged as well.

February 21st, 2020 |Patient Stories

This was the deciding moment for me. A breast reduction was always something I had considered, so after achieving this weight loss, why not reward myself? At 23 years old I wanted to feel happy and confident in my body. I also had a family wedding coming up that summer abroad, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to have a breast reduction.

This is my before and after:

Breast Reduction Before and After - MYA Cosmetic Surgery

I had amazing support from my family and boyfriend

I had a great support network throughout my journey. My family and boyfriend took turns to attend all of my appointments and helped me decide which company and surgeon to choose from. My parents even allowed me to use the savings they had put aside for me to fund my procedure as they knew how important this was to me. I decided to go with MYA because of their outstanding reputation, a couple of my friends have had different procedures also with MYA and everybody I’ve spoken to only has good things to say!

I felt instantly at ease

Right from my first consultation I felt completely in control of my own journey and really valued in my own thoughts and feelings towards my desired outcome. My patient coordinator, Julie, was so helpful in the process. As I was working within a limited time frame for the wedding, we maintained very regular contact and she managed to squeeze me in to a couple of appointments which were previously fully booked. This did mean I had a little further to travel for some appointments but it was totally worth it.


Meeting my surgeon 

Upon meeting my surgeon, Mr Mahdi, I found him to be a very kind and approachable man. He really took his time in describing the procedure to me and measured me from every angle during his assessment. I met two different surgeons from other companies before making my decision to go with Mr Mahdi, he made me feel the most comfortable and confident in his skills, so I picked him. I was informed by the other surgeons that, as my breasts were an extreme case of asymmetry, they would be impossible to ever get the same size and that an improvement is the best I could hope for.


New boobs day

The date of my surgery soon came around and although I was very nervous, I was more excited. The whole procedure ran so smoothly it felt like a dream. Only an hour after I arrived at the hospital I was being taken up to surgery! Next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery before being taken back to my room. At first I couldn’t bring myself to look down I was so nervous to see the results but that soon passed and I was over the moon with them, not even the pain could bring me down. Mr Mahdi came to visit me on the ward after he’d finished for the day to ensure I was recovering well and he seemed really pleased with the results, telling me that he feels he had achieved an even better result than he anticipated! This really reassured me and I couldn’t wait to get my dressings changed in the morning to have a proper look at my new boobs!


Now time to recover and heal

I was in quite a bit of pain for the first few days following my procedure, but this was eased with pain killers. By day 4 I started feeling more myself and by day 7 I no longer needed any pain medication at all! By day 12 I felt almost back to normal with just a little ache here and there. As a nurse, I have an active job, so I took a couple of weeks off for recovery to make sure I was fully fit before returning and to make sure I didn't injure myself.  I can’t believe it’s over and done so quickly with nothing so much as a hiccup!


I am completely over the moon with my results

I was expecting there to still be quite a level of notable asymmetry following my procedure from what I was told by the surgeons, but really it’s hardly noticeable! Even in the first few weeks post-surgery I knew already that I would never look back; there is not a single thing I would change in my journey with MYA and Mr Mhadi. Louise my nurse was amazing, and at my last dressing change she just could not believe my results either! My scars are so neat, and although I was still very bruised, they just looked perfect.

Already I feel so much more confident in myself, before my procedure I was wearing a size 10-12 bottom and often up to a size 16 top to cover and hide my breasts! Now the thing I’m looking forward to the most is going clothes shopping for summer clothes and bikinis I can wear to show off my new amazing boobs!


My advice 

I would advise anybody considering this procedure for similar reasons as me, to just take the plunge and go for it! It is a big decision to make but if it bothers you as much as it did me, nothing will ever make you feel as confident in your own body. I promise you will not regret it!


MYA Patient Georgia explains why she chose to have a Breast Reduction with MYA:

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