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How do you know if you need a breast uplift?

All women's breasts are different, some are large, some are small, some women have uneven nipples and some women have inverted nipples, but that’s what makes us all unique. 

A lot of women believe that breasts should be 100% symmetrical, however, women’s breasts are never fully symmetrical, it’s actually quite common for women to have one breast slightly different to the other. Here at MYA, we like to refer to breasts as sisters, not twins! 

April 27th, 2023 |Ask an Expert

Unsure if you need a breast uplift?

It’s only natural for breasts to change in appearance. Whether it’s due to lifestyle changes or ageing, boobs have the tendency to drop and sag slightly over time.  

It’s completely normal, and nothing to worry about. However, many women struggle with the difference and use cosmetic surgery to change the way their breasts look. 

Breast uplift surgery is a procedure available here at MYA that can completely transform the way your breasts look and your way of life. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is a breast uplift?

A breast uplift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that enhances the shape and size of the breasts to create an uplifted appearance. 

It is performed under general anaesthetic and typically takes between 2-2.5 hours. 

Depending on the preferences of the patient and surgeon, another breast procedure may be combined with a breast uplift to create the desired look. Some women may want a breast enlargement and uplift, while others may require a boob reduction and uplift - this is discussed during the consultation process, where the surgeon can recommend the most suitable option for the patient. 

Different types of breast uplifts:

  • Mastopexy – A mastopexy (breast uplift) is carried out to remove excess skin and tissue from the breast to improve ptosis and the shape of the breasts. Depending on the surgeon’s chosen technique, they will typically make an incision around the areola, a vertical line from the nipple towards the breast crease (resulting in a lollipop scar) and may also make a 3-5cm incision along the breast crease (creating an anchor scar).

  • Modified mastopexy – A modified mastopexy is commonly known as a nipple lift or nipple reduction and is carried out to reposition or resize the areola and nipple. The surgeon will typically make a circular incision around the areola (known as a donut scar) or a crescent incision around the top of the areola. 

  • Augmented mastopexy – Augmented mastopexy is a breast uplift with implants; the surgeon will typically use the anchor technique to lift the breast to improve ptosis and insert a breast implant to increase the size and volume of the breast.   

What causes breasts to sag and droop?  

Factors that affect the way breasts look include:

  • Pregnancy can cause fluctuations in weight, leading to stretched, drooping skin

  • Breastfeeding can lead to a change in shape, size and fullness of the breasts

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause

  • Natural ageing can cause the skin elasticity to break down, leading to ptosis

  • Weight loss

  • Smoking

  • Excessive sun exposure and sunbed use

  • Genetics

Do I need a breast uplift? 

There are certain physical characteristics that patients may present with that would make them suitable for breast uplift surgery, however, the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a personal choice and one that should not be taken lightly.  

Over time, natural changes can affect the appearance of our breasts; these changes can lead to patients experiencing drooping (ptosis) and breast asymmetry. Slight variances in breast size and shape are usually unnoticeable, however, some patients find that a greater difference in cup size, position and form of the breasts can cause psychological distress or self-confidence issues.  

Breast ptosis and asymmetry can range from mild to severe and can be corrected with a breast uplift procedure. During the surgeon consultation, an expert MYA surgeon will examine the breasts, take measurements and recommend the best treatment plan for the patient, depending on their requirements.  

A breast uplift procedure can be life-changing for women who are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts and are wanting to achieve a fuller, uplifted breast shape. If you are considering a breast uplift, we recommend joining the MYA forum, researching the procedure and talking to like-minded patients who have already been on their MYA journey.   

Benefits of a breast uplift 

The main reason people choose to get a breast uplift is to improve their confidence. 

Having saggy breasts can cause low self-esteem in many women. It’s hard to buy supportive bras and flattering clothes, which can lead to people feeling insecure in social situations. 

Enhancing the shape and creating a lifted look has the power to completely transform the way a woman looks, increasing their confidence in the process. 

Having a breast uplift can also make exercise much easier. It can often be painful for women with a larger chest to do even just light workouts - breast uplift surgery can reduce this massively. 

Breast uplift surgery at MYA 

If you want to regain your confidence using cosmetic surgery, book your consultation with the MYA team today. 

While you wait for your appointment, check out our patient stories to learn more about breast uplift surgery from those who have completed their MYA journey.

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