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Do I need open or closed Rhinoplasty?

When researching rhinoplasty surgery, some patients report being confused by the terms open and closed rhinoplasty and not knowing the difference between the two. Here at MYA, we want our patients to carry out extensive research into the procedure they are considering and want to help patients make an informed decision, so we’ve tried to break it down for you.

August 21st, 2020 |Ask an Expert

What is the difference between an open and closed Rhinoplasty? 

There are two common rhinoplasty techniques that our MYA expert surgeons use when undertaking a rhinoplasty procedure. The technique performed isn’t typically the patient’s choice, it’s down to the surgeon’s personal preference.  

  • Open rhinoplasty - Is performed by making a small incision at the columella (the skin between your nostrils) and sometimes a small incision at the alar crease. The skin is elevated to access inside the nose. This technique is typically preferred as it gives the surgeon a better view of the anatomy of the nose, allowing them to reposition and reshape the nose accordingly to achieve the patient’s desired outcome. 

  • Closed rhinoplasty - Is performed from inside the nostrils, without having to make any external incisions or lift the skin of the nose. The incisions are made inside the nose, therefore, this technique is less invasive and doesn’t require any external sutures. 

How much is a Rhinoplasty procedure? 

The cost of rhinoplasty surgery varies across different providers in the UK. A rhinoplasty procedure with MYA can cost anywhere from £6,995. Procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements, and you will receive a fixed price following your surgeon assessment.  

What can be achieved with Rhinoplasty surgery? 

A rhinoplasty procedure surgically refines the nose. Our expert MYA surgeons can reshape the bridge, tip, septum, nostrils, and overall profile of the nose to enhance the appearance and create a smaller more proportionate nose. Features of the nose that can be operated on:

  • The bridge – Patients with a wide bridge or a hump often want the nose to appear narrower and remove any humps. The surgeon will remove any bone or cartilage that is causing ‘a hump or bump’ and the nose is typically broken to allow the remaining pieces of bone to be moved closer together, resulting in the narrowing of the nose.   

  • The tip – Patients with a large or bulbous tip at the end of their nose often want to reduce the size. The surgeon will partly remove or reshape the cartilage at the tip of the nose, through the nostril or by making a small cut in the bit of skin between the nostrils.  

  • Length –The surgeon can adjust and reduce the central structure of the nose, known as the septum, this help to shrink the tip and reduce the overall length of the nose. Adjustment to the tip cartilages also helps adjust nasal length.  

  • Width - By breaking and repositioning the side nasal bone, a surgeon can also reduce the width of the nose and achieve an overall narrower appearance. 

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