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Laura Dulwich My Rhinoplasty Journey with MYA

We spoke to Guest Blogger @Lauradulwich about her Rhinoplasty procedure with MYA. Laura shares her top tips and her open and honest experience to help other patients considering rhinoplasty surgery.

January 17th, 2018 |Patient Stories

How long were you considering Rhinoplasty surgery?

I have been considering surgery seriously for the past 3 years, but have dreamed about having my nose reshaped since I was in my teens. Whenever I sat in the car and someone looked at my side profile, it was making me feel so self conscious. I would also get nervous about meeting new people and not wanting to turn my head to the side.

Why did you decide to Rhinoplasty surgery?

I always knew that my nose was slightly larger compared to the other features on my face. Coming from a dance/performance background, I was constantly looking in the mirror and unfortunately comparing myself to others. It is something that I have tried to come to terms with and accept many times, however, I truly feel that if you really want to change something, then the choice is completely yours. Cosmetic surgery is something that you shouldn't take lightly and research well before deciding if it is right for you.

Personally, I decided that I wanted to do something about my nose and that MYA was the best place to go. I chose MYA for my surgery because I felt listened to right from the start. They were always so polite, professional and HUMAN! I knew I could trust them with my decision.

How was your initial eConsult?

My initial eConsult was very helpful, it was a chance for me to understand the type of rhinoplasty procedure I would be having. The MYA advisors are very friendly and are able to answer any questions that you may have. It was important to me that I completely understood the procedure and how much everything would cost. I was initially concerned that I would be pressured to get everything booked in quickly afterwards, however this was not the case at all.

I loved the fact that personal questions were asked during my consultation and my advisor wanted to get to know me. I felt that she was able to make my experience more personal and tailor the next stage based on my circumstances. No questions were left unanswered and I ended the consultation feeling reassured and also excited!

Did you speak openly to friends and family about your procedure?

I spoke to my family mid way through my journey. I wanted to do my own research first before telling them and be 100% sure for myself and also be able to answer all of their questions. I confided in my partner right from the start, he was my absolute rock and supported me throughout my journey.

How did you find having a procedure during the pandemic?

My experience was very smooth, purely because everyone at MYA is very organized and they keep communication clear. It was a bit scary because of the risk of infection etc however I definitely set my mind on having the procedure and there were lots of COVID safety measures put in place. The MYA clinical hub checked my temperature before entering the building and I also had to attend alone. Some less urgent consultations were done via video call and I had to take a COVID test before my surgery date.

I was a mixture of nerves and excitement on the day of my surgery. The amazing nurses and my surgeon all helped to calm my nerves ahead of my procedure and I was also a little distracted by how amazing I looked in the hospital gown haha!

How was your recovery from rhinoplasty surgery?ย 

My recovery was pretty smooth. I think the bruising and swelling looked worse than it actually was and I was never in any pain. It is a little strange at first to sleep upright and I was conscious about protecting my nose and not knocking it, but thankfully that never happened. I was very nervous but also excited about having my cast removed, I donโ€™t think I realised how 'stuck on' it was haha- in a good way! I just remember I kept closing one eye to look at my side profile in the mirror and I immediate fell in love with my new nose!

How do you feel about results?

I honestly couldn't be happier! My confidence has grown so much and I am no longer worried about people looking at my side profile - I actually want them to now! I never thought I would EVER say that. My decision to have rhinoplasty surgery with MYA is one I will never forget.

What top tips would you give to someone considering rhinoplasty surgery?

  • I would say to always trust yourself!

  • Make the decision for you and you only.

  • Ask as many questions as you can, the more the merrier.


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