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The rise of the male chest reduction

The demand for male chest reductions seems to be increasing, especially in young males. Is this due to male celebs coming forward and talking about their experience of chest reduction surgery in the media, or a shift in the perception of male cosmetic surgery altogether? Read on to find out more.

February 1st, 2023 |Ask an Expert

Are more men undergoing gynaecomastia surgery?

In recent months more and more celebs are using their platforms to speak publicly about their gynaecomastia surgery and what led them to seek male chest reductions. With the likes of last year’s Love Island star, Andrew Le Page speaking out about his op and Made in Chelsea favourite, Miles Nazaire also undertaking a male chest reduction and vlogging his surgery, more and more males seem to be talking openly about cosmetic surgery.

Are more males feeling the pressures of beauty standards that women have been subjected to for years or is the conversation beginning to change around male cosmetic surgery for the good? 

Here at MYA, we believe that body honesty is powerful, and are fully supportive of men that decide to share their cosmetic surgery stories. We understand how important it is for patients to feel like they are not alone in their insecurities; hearing of other patients' experiences with gynaecomastia surgery, especially those in the limelight, can be extremely reassuring and give other men the confidence to talk openly about their concerns.

MYA has helped hundreds of happy male patients through their cosmetic surgery journey. We provide a supportive and non-judgemental consultation service for any men that are considering cosmetic surgery.

What is gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia, often referred to as a male chest reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves removing excess tissue, glands and fat from the chest area,

A male chest reduction is beneficial for males who may feel self-conscious of their chest, due to excess tissue or glands creating the appearance of breasts, commonly known as ‘man boobs’. The severity of the condition varies with each individual, ranging from mild to severe. 

Whilst adding to general comfort and increased self-esteem, the gynecomastia procedure can create a firmer and tighter appearance to the male chest.

What causes gynaecomastia?

Excess tissue and glands in the male chest cannot be lost through diet or exercise and require gynecomastia surgery for removal. 

Common causes of gynecomastia are due to hormonal imbalances, excess oestrogen in males can lead to changes in breast tissue production.

During puberty most teenage boys will develop fatty tissue around the chest or breast area, which for the majority of people usually subsides naturally within a year or so. For some men, the excess fatty tissue can remain with them for the rest of their adult lives creating the appearance of ‘man boobs’.

What are the benefits of a gynaecomastia surgery?

There are many outcomes to man boob reduction surgery that prove beneficial to patients, such as:

  • Increased confidence 

  • The ability to wear tight clothes without feeling self-conscious

  • A wider choice of clothing available

  • The ability to participate in more rigorous exercise

Male Chest Reduction Before and After

What is the process of a male chest reduction?

A male chest reduction (man boob removal) will be performed under general anaesthetic and the procedure will take between 30 minutes and 2 hours in theatre. 

The expert MYA surgeon will make a small incision around the areola (the dark skin around the nipple) to remove the excess breast tissue and glands, lifting the nipple slightly. The incision will then be closed with dissolvable sutures. 

Depending on the extent of the fatty tissue, liposuction may also be performed at the same time. The surgeon will use a syringe or  vacuum pump to remove excess fat and create a tighter appearance to the chest. 

In some extreme cases, excess skin removal may be required and incisions will be made lower down the chest.

What is the recovery like for a male chest reduction?

Recovery following gynaecomastia surgery typically takes 6-8 weeks and patients can return to work after 1 week. Patients will be required to wear a post-op compression garment during their recovery and attend post-operative appointments at their MYA clinical hub

Patients can return to the gym and exercise 6-8 weeks post-op, following sign off from their surgeon.

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