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Top 5 Benefits of Male Rhinoplasty

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, people think it just changes the way you look. 

And, while it can be used to enhance natural features, different procedures have a range of unique benefits. 

Today, we’ll be diving into male rhinoplasty, exploring the key 5 benefits of the procedure.

February 20th, 2024 |Ask an Expert


Being the most common reason why people choose to undergo cosmetic surgery, we need to start with this key benefit. 

Not liking the way we look can have significant effects on our mental health. 

Many patients come to us with low self-esteem and tell our team they often say no to socialising because they’ll be conscious of their noses and how they look. 

Our number one job here at MYA is to help our patients feel empowered and proud of what they look like. Our male nose job surgeons work with you to create the nose you’ve been dreaming of, so you can catch up with friends, lead meetings at work and go on first dates without a second thought.                                                                                     

Improved symmetry 

Being the central feature of the face, it’s usually quite obvious if the nose isn’t symmetrical. 

Male rhinoplasty surgery helps to adjust the nose to create a symmetrical shape. Not only does this look more in proportion to the rest of your face, but it also enhances the rest of your features - like your eyes and lips - giving you a more structured look. 

Improve breathing difficulties 

People who face breathing challenges due to their nose's structure often experience a tough time. 

This condition can lead to not just a constant buildup of congestion but also notably loud, mouth-breathing, which can be both embarrassing for the individual and disruptive to those nearby. 

Modifying the nose's size and shape to alleviate breathing issues can significantly lower the risk of related complications. 

Ultimately, such adjustments can pave the way to a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

Aid sleep 

Sleep apnea is another popular reason why men seek out nose job surgery. 

This is a condition which causes breathing to stop and start throughout the night, causing snoring, snorting and even choking. 

Due to the disrupted sleep, those who struggle with sleep apnea often suffer from headaches, mood swings and lack of concentration, leading to a poor quality of life. 

While lifestyle can play a part in sleep problems developing, nasal congestion is usually the main factor, as well as narrowed airways and a deviated septum. 

Even though male rhinoplasty is classed as cosmetic surgery, it can address functional concerns like these to improve sleep. 

Depending on the patient, surgeons tend to open up the airways and fix any septum-related problems, improving the overall structure of the nose. 

This can be combined with tweaks to the overall shape of the nose or done as a stand-alone procedure. 

Mend injuries 

If you play a contact sport like rugby, you’ll know how likely a bump to the nose is. 

Male rhinoplasty can perfect the shape after an injury. 

During your consultations with MYA, you can discuss what you want out of the final result, including what you want the bridge, tip, length and width to look like. 

Rhinoplasty for men with MYA Cosmetic Surgery 

If you’re interested in male rhinoplasty surgery and would like to find out more, MYA is here to help. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced patient coordinators are ready to speak to you today about the procedure, including the surgery itself and aftercare. 

All you need to do is book an eConsult today! 

So, what are you waiting for?

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