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20 Years On: Have the Spice Girls Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Confused and baffled at the fact the Spice Girls debut hit single Wannabe was released back in 1996 (that’s 20 years ago) we have no idea where the time has gone. It feels like only five minutes ago we were rocking an Adidas track suit with our hair in bunches arguing with our friends as to who is Sporty and who is Baby? But what we find more interesting is how our first pop idols have changed over the years and how they seem to have defied aging and look better than ever. The rumour mill is rife regarding cosmetic surgery when it comes to the once five most powerful women in pop, so we take a closer look at the cosmetic surgery rumours and if there is any truth behind them.

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May 23rd, 2019 |Celebrity

Victoria Beckham

Mother of four and married to one of the most beautiful men on the planet, it’s not surprising Victoria wants to look as good as she can at 42-years-old. She has undoubtedly been open about her cosmetic surgery...well regarding her breasts anyway. Posh Spice admitted to having surgery to enlarge her breasts from a 34A to a 34DD back in 1999 but has since had the procedure reversed or at least changed the size and placement as she was very vague when speaking to Vogue in 2011 “No torpedo bazookas, Gone.”
Now an LA resident, we're sure it will be hard for Victoria not to succumb to the LA surgery lifestyle. It's the home of the celebrity cosmetic surgeon who knows how to deal with the secret procedures of the rich and famous (i.e. Kardashians and Hollywood A-listers). We're sure Vicky will feel right at home if she's shopping around for another procedure.

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Emma Bunton

Emma's known as the baby-faced member of the group - literally. She has never admitted to having surgery, however, upon hitting the milestone of 40 last year, Emma spoke to the Mail Online stating “I am hoping to grow old gracefully – I’d like to think I will, but when it comes to things like Botox, I would never say never.” Emma even added that family life keeps her young: “I'm still fit and healthy. I love going for long walks with my family too - my boys keep me young.”

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Geri Halliwell

One of the most famous Gingers in pop history, until Ed Sheeran game along, Geri’s changing look has been subject to many tabloids over the years. The 43-year-old once admitted she dabbled in a touch of Botox to help her fight the ageing process. However, despite admitting she wasn't totally convinced by the process, Geri hasn't ruled out ever trying it again. Geri also underwent a body transformation following her solo years she left the band in 1999, only to emerge three years later with a new solo album and a completely new body. During her time away from the band she read self-help books, ditched junk food and changed her entire lifestyle as well as her body. Petite, toned and muscle-bound, Geri credited her body transformation to yoga with no assistance from cosmetic surgery, though has since said that throughout this time and her era in the Spice Girls she suffered bouts of eating disorders. She seemed to be much healthier by the time she had her daughter Bluebell in 2006. She certainly looks happy and healthy now too which we are happy to report.

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Mel B

The 40-year-old former Scary Spice and Americas Got Talent judge has featured heavily when it comes to cosmetic surgery rumours over the years. No more so than when she became a mother and her prefect figure was in question. Mel B (Melanie Brown) has boobs to die for and her cup size has dramatically increased since her Spice Girl days. The mum-of-three reckons her ample chest is all down to motherhood and not a breast enlargement but we can’t say we are convinced. Back in 2012 Mel also had to defend her new pert posterior which came under fire for undergoing bum implants or a Brazilian but lift. All of this was denied and she said her bum transformation came from more hours in the gym and it’s safe to say her toned abs and amazing physique adds to her argument.

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Mel C

Since she's nicknamed Sporty Spice, it’s not surprising Melanie C looks better than ever when she admitted to the Mail Online back in 2014 her body is all down to clean living, an intense exercise regime and a bit of Botox. "The main thing I’ve finally learned over these past 20 years is balance. I’m not averse to a bit of Botox and there are probably not a lot of people in the public eye who haven’t had it. They all have, I avoided it for a long time but then I had it and really loved it. If you have a tiny, tiny bit then I think its fine.” Talking to the Daily Express in 2014, she says although the thought scares her, she would never rule out having cosmetic surgery to turn back the clock. “When you see people who look fabulous but you’d never know if they had actually had anything done, get me their surgeon’s number, I say”.

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