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Has Katherine Ryan had cosmetic surgery?

The loveable Canadian born comedian, really does say it how it is, Katherine Ryan's sass and outspoken feminist attitude has seen her career reach new levels over the past years, with Katherine appearing as a guest panellist on all our favourite shows, co-presenting with Jimmy Carr and writing and starring in her first ever Netflix sitcom, The Duchess. A definite show to add to your watch list this winter!

January 12th, 2021 |Celebrity

Has Katherine Ryan had cosmetic surgery?

Katherine openly talks about her views on cosmetic surgery, after being bullied for "being different" for years when she was at school and making ill-informed decisions to make changes to her appearance. Katherine is refreshingly honest about her experiences with cosmetic surgery and urges her fans to make informed, responsible choices and always seek advice from a professional practitioner. The comedian states:

“I’ve had filler in my lips, jawline and chin. If everyone was transparent about it there would be a lot less fuss. If you want to do those things, why not? The thing I want to avoid is like when I was younger and I got my lips done in an amateur’s basement. If we spoke about it more, we’d go to the right people.”

Looking at recent pictures of Katherine, she may have undergone the non-surgical treatment of fillers to her lips as she appears to have fuller lips compared to previous images – especially when smiling. Katherine has previously spoken about having lip filler treatments regularly to maintain the fullness of her lips. The provider has ensured her lips still appear natural and in proportion to the patient’s facial features. The average cost of lip fillers in the UK can range depending on the provider and the amount of filler used, however, you can expect to pay anything from £200 - £1000 per treatment.

Katherine has publicly spoken about having jawline and chin contouring with non-surgical dermal fillers. This treatment creates a more defined and chiselled look to the chin and jawline and can cost around £150 to £300 per session, depending on the amount of product used.

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Has Katherine Ryan had Botox?

It is possible that Katherine has had anti-wrinkle injections, often referred to as Botox, to her forehead and around her eyes (crow’s feet). This non-surgical treatment will create a smooth forehead and limit any frown/expression lines. The treatment will normally last 3-6 months as muscle action gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to reappear and need to be treated again. This procedure can give the appearance of smoother skin if you are after a youthful appearance or it can be used as a preventative measure to slow the process of getting wrinkles.

Has Katherine Ryan had a boob job?

Katherine has previously confirmed to undergoing a surgical Breast Enlargement. A Breast Enlargement aims to increase the size, shape, or fullness of the breast using an implant. It is likely that Katherine requested a natural shape with more upper fullness whilst keeping in proportion to her frame. This can be achieved in many ways depending on the patient’s current breast tissue and surgeon recommendation with the choice of implant shape, size and placement of the implants during surgery. The average price of this procedure is £5000 - £6000.

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The Verdict

There's no denying that Katherine Ryan looks beautiful and we live for her refreshing honesty; Katherine is a great advocate for cosmetic surgery being a personal choice! The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should be YOUR decision to make. In today's society, men and women should be able to make choices in their lives without the fear of being judged or stereotyped.

Here at MYA, we provide people who are researching cosmetic surgery with the information and support they need to make an informed decision. The stigma around cosmetic surgery can often discourage patients looking for solutions, so we want to empower others not to feel shame and make the choices that are right for them. 

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