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Has Maya Jama had cosmetic surgery?

Maya Jama is UK royalty, whether you want to be mates with her, or date her, there's' no denying the TV presenter is a 10/10! 

With her new role as Love Island host, she’s been put in the spotlight, and people are asking, ‘has Maya Jama had cosmetic surgery?’

January 24th, 2023 |Celebrity

Has Maya Jama had a breast enlargement?

In countless interviews with magazines and social media sites, the new Love Island host has been open about her commitment to having a ‘flat belly, big bum, and big boobs’. Her rigorous schedule and PT sessions definitely contribute to this, but is this a hint that she’s had breast enlargement surgery?

Her natural yet full shape is definitely one to be admired - and if they are breast implants, her surgeon took their time to create volume that is in proportion with the rest of her figure. 

However, Miss Jama has been quoted saying that she ‘prayed’ for her breasts during her teen years and got lucky, denying the allegations of cosmetic enhancements.

For those who haven’t grown a fuller bust naturally, breast enlargement is a popular surgical procedure used to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. Using implants, surgeons can create a much fuller shape and a bigger cup size with prices starting at £5,795.  

Has Maya Jama had a Rhinoplasty?

Maya has come forward to say she never looked at her nose in detail before rising to fame. She’s laughed off the fact that she was once told she had a ‘Michael Jackson nose’ and denied the rumours of her slender bridge is down to a rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is the process of refining and reshaping the nose tissue and cartilage of the nose to alter the look. This can be done to balance out facial features and straighten deviated septums, but the most common reason behind getting this surgery is to improve confidence and boost self-esteem.

Has Maya Jama had non-surgical treatments?

The love island presenter loves to be herself on social media, and often shares candid pictures that showcase her natural beauty. While we can’t confirm Maya Jama had plastic surgery, non-surgical treatments are likely. 

Botox and lip filler are common procedures that can subtly enhance someone’s appearance and smooth out the skin. Being in the limelight so often, many TV stars use non-surgical injectables such as botox and filler to keep themselves looking fresh, plump and ready to go. 

Maya Jama is open about her love of skincare and facials to keep her skin free from blemishes. Microcurrent and hydro facial treatments are a celeb favourite and involve stimulating the skin and muscles to contour the face - could this be the reason for her youthful image and even complexion? 

To give fans an insight into her luxury lifestyle, Maya brought out her own line of sheet masks and eye patches. The brand MIJ Masks uses bio-cellulose and hydrogel to lock in moisture and leave a radiant appearance as part of a skincare routine or to prep for makeup.

What’s the verdict?

Do you think Maya Jama has had cosmetic surgery?

Whether she’s had some help or not, we’re still part of her fan club. The presenter’s relaxed approach to fame, honesty, and personal style is to be admired, and we’re definitely going to be tuning into Love Island this year to see which looks she pulls out of the bag. 

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