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How much does it cost to have breast implants removed?

Breast implants typically need replacing every 10-15 years, meaning it’s likely that you will need additional surgery (a reoperation) at some point after your first breast implant surgery. 

Whether it’s to correct a problem or to replace your breast implants, breast implant removal is available right here at MYA. Here’s everything you need to know.

August 23rd, 2018 |Ask an Expert

Do I need my breast implants removed?

Even the highest-quality breast implants need replacing. They aren’t designed to last a lifetime and patients who have had them in for over 10 years start to notice a change in shape from when they were first implanted. 

Hormonal changes, weight gain and ageing can alter the look of the breasts, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding.                        

Reasons people choose to get their breast implants removed include:            

  • To decrease the size of the breast 

  • To change to bigger sized implants

  • The appearance of the breast has changed over time

  • Asymmetry has developed over time as the natural breast tissue has changed

  • To improve the shape of the breasts

  • Because of rupture or capsular contracture of the implant

Some women choose to get their breast implants removed fully, while others opt for a replacement implant to create a more symmetrical, uplifted appearance for the next 10-15 years. 

If a problem occurs with just one breast implant, you can undergo the surgery for the breast in question - you don’t need to have surgery on both unless you want to or are advised by your surgeon for the best result. 

It’s important to note that some changes to your breast(s) after having breast implants are irreversible (cannot be changed or fixed). These may include dimpling, puckering, wrinkling, or an empty or deflated appearance. 

If you’re experiencing these issues and are interested in breast implant removal, book a FREE consultation today to chat with our expert team and find out if the procedure is right for you. 

How much is breast implant removal

The starting cost of breast implant removal is £6,845. 

Procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements and you will receive a price guide during your initial eConsult and a fixed price following your surgeon assessment based on your unique circumstances.

How long is breast implant removal recovery

The total recovery time for breast implant removal is 6-8 weeks, with any noticeable bruising and swelling reducing after 7-21 days. 

Similarly to a breast enlargement, you will be required to wear a post-surgery bra for the full 6 weeks if you have had new implants placed (breast reaugmentation) to encourage dropping and fluffing, as well as protect the scar tissue. 

Patients will be prescribed pain relief to ease any discomfort post-op and will be instructed not to get their incisions wet until advised by their MYA nurse. It’s vital you attend any post-operative appointments so our team can monitor your healing and deliver appropriate wound care. 

It can take up to 12 months for the breasts to fully drop and fluff, revealing the final result. 

What to expect after breast implant removal


Like with most cosmetic surgery procedures, scarring is expected and is a natural part of the healing process. 

During breast explant surgery, the surgeon will use the original incision created during the initial breast enlargement so no new scars are created. 

It’s important to note that every patient heals differently and at different rates, so you shouldn’t compare your journey to someone else’s. 

To reduce the appearance of scars, we recommend you use a broad spectrum SPF when in direct sunlight, as well as avoiding sunbeds and smoking as this can increase the pigment in the scar. 


You’re able to return to work after one week or as advised by your surgeon. 


If you choose to get your breast implants removed without having them replaced with a new implant, the look is dependent on: 

  • What size your breast implants were 

  • Age

  • Hormonal and physical changes you’ve been through after having your initial breast implant surgery

  • If you’ve breastfed 

As the breast implant stretches the skin, having it removed could lead to ptosis (sagging boobs), and breasts that lack shape and volume. Because of this, many women choose to have their implants replaced with new ones to maintain a full, firm and lifted shape. 

Breast implant removal with MYA Cosmetic Surgery 

Whether your breast implants are approaching their 10-year anniversary, you’ve noticed some changes, or you simply don’t want them anymore, MYA is here to help. 

Our FREE e-consult process means you can talk with one of our experts from the comfort of your own home, discussing your experiences and what you want to achieve with breast implant removal

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