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How MYA are helping to overcome the stigma around cosmetic surgery

Here at MYA, we have met tens of thousands of people over the years wanting cosmetic surgery. MYA are the friendly experts in cosmetic surgery, making amazing outcomes for people wanting to make a physical change. We get to know our patients on a personal level and we find that with most patients the decision to undergo surgery comes from deep-rooted insecurities

November 22nd, 2019 |News

MYA want to overcome the stigma around cosmetic surgery

From speaking to our patients, and as patients working for the company ourselves,  we found that when patients receive the correct guidance and are given realistic expectations to make an informed decision, that cosmetic surgery can be truly life changing and make a lasting impact on a patient’s confidence and mental well being.

We know that cosmetic surgery is a big decision and not one to be rushed, therefore we make sure our patients understand that any surgery is not without risk. Despite this, we continuously  found that patients return to MYA having given surgery a long and hard consideration. Our expert team of coordinators and clinical staff do their upmost to ensure that patients have researched the procedure and that they are 100% happy with their decision.

Drop a stone in a river and you will see ripples…

After surgery our MYA patients don’t just leave with a physical change, they leave with a new mind set, where they are more comfortable and confident in their own skin, proving to have positive benefits on a patient’s mental wellbeing.

A boost in self-esteem and improved self-body image are two factors that coincide with having cosmetic procedures, we often find that the emotional results have a greater impact than the physical results in a patient’s transformation.

The Stigma around Surgery

The psychological connection with cosmetic procedures is often misunderstood and underestimated. The preconceptions of others and the media can have a massive impact on a patient’s decision to go ahead with surgery as they are worried they will be judged and stigmatised. We hear from patients who have put off surgery for years and this is often due to the perceptions of others, rather than the surgery itself.

So how do we reassure you and others, that cosmetic surgery should not be stigmatised, and that it is a low risk, high success rate process that will benefit our patients with a domino effect.

MYA’s aim is to change the attitude towards the industry by sharing and promoting stories of real men and women who have been through the process, overcome the stigma and experienced positive and empowering changes in their view of themselves.

Where’s the Proof?

The proof is in our MYA Forum and the 1000’s of happy patients on Instagram. MYA’s social space connects likeminded people, allowing them to ask questions and share their journeys with others.

MYA are working with significant research units and health and wellbeing associations to try change the preconceptions of cosmetic surgery and we want your help!

We want you to continue communicating and connecting with patients and supporting our community. At MYA, it is very important for us to achieve a positive change not only in our business but in the whole sector.

Looking good in the mirror feels great, but your mind is just as important to us

Mental wellbeing is an important factor taken into consideration at MYA, we are aiming to broaden our knowledge and better represent our diverse MYA community in the wider world by striving to provide improved psychological support.

Health checks are carried out on all MYA patients to establish whether they are medically suitable to go forward with surgery, this takes into consideration: BMI, medication, pregnancy and mental health. By supporting you through this process and offering advice and guidance we can ensure that our patients are physically and mentally prepared for surgery.

Have your say!

-Do you have an experience or strong opinion on this matter?

-Are there any changes you would like to see in the industry?

-Would you like the perception of cosmetic surgery to be different?

-What helped form your decision?

-Have your feelings about your physical insecurities affected your mental health?


We want to hear from you – please get in touch by emailing or commenting on this thread.

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