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How to start a MYA Instagram Journey

Each and every step of your cosmetic surgery journey is an exciting experience and what better way to track your #MYAJourney than through Instagram!

September 23rd, 2022 |Lifestyle

What is a MYA Instagram Journey?

An Instagram Journey is a fun way to track and document the emotional and physical journey you embark on during your time with MYA, from your initial eConsult, your first time visiting a clinical hub, meeting your surgeon, procedure day and your post-op healing.

Looking at MYA Instagram journeys is an important part of the patient research process, we recommend connecting with MYA patients on Instagram, you can follow their recovery and each step of their cosmetic surgery journey, look at before and after photos and message patients with similar journeys and experiences to you. 

5 fun reasons to start a MYA Instagram Journey:

  1. Join the supportive MYA community and get advice from other patients

  2. Track your healing progress

  3. Share your experience to help others who are researching cosmetic surgery

  4. You'll have a collection of amazing memories to look back on

  5. Help set realistic expectations of recovery times and results 

 When should I set up an account?

You can create your Instagram account at any point in your journey, but most people set theirs up once they've booked their procedure date. Your MYA Instagram journey can be public or private (whatever you feel comfortable with). If you already have an Instagram account, it is very easy to create a new one:

Go to your settings, scroll down and click on ADD ACCOUNT then click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT at the bottom of the screen, then follow the onscreen instructions. Your new account will then appear as a drop down, so you can switch between your current personal Instagram and your new MYA journey account. Make sure you follow MYA on Instagram @myacosmeticsurgery

What to name your account and include in your bio:

Picking a name is very important and can helps other users to locate you on Instagram. Good things to include:

1) MYA

2) Your procedure

3) Surgeon name

4)Procedure date

5) Implant size

For example @MYAMiletoBA2021

Bio: Rachel, Open septo-rhinoplasty, with Mr Giannas 7/2/21 with MYA. Here to share my journey!!!

What should I post on my Instagram Journey? 

Instagram is the best way to document your cosmetic surgery journey from start to finish, it’s also great to look back on 6 months, 1 year and 2 years down the line. Be as open and honest as possible, there’s no such thing as over sharing here at MYA!

  1. Pre-op photos
    Our top tip is to take as many pre-op photos as possible. Although initially you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to share these photos online, they will make for great comparison pictures when you are oozing confidence post-procedure.

  2. The first time you visit a MYA clinical hub and meet your surgeon
    This is an exciting step for many patients and everything finally starts to feel real. Take a selfie at the clinical hub, talk about your first experience meeting your surgeon and share your thoughts about what implant size you are thinking of choosing (that's if you are having implants of course).

  3. Your pre-op tips
    Share any pre-surgery tips you might have for other patients, such as how to tell your friends and family you are having surgery,  how much time to take off work, and where to buy the best V-shaped pillow, surgery day PJs and face wipes.

  4. Surgery day
    Taking pictures on the day of your procedure will help to keep you calm and distracted and those nerves at bay. If you haven't taken any pre-op photos yet, this is your last chance to do it, so snap away!  Those glamorous hospital gowns and paper pants make for a great #MYASelfie

  5. Post op appointments
    That 'first peek' as your cast is removed and you see your new nose for the first time is a moment you will never want to forget, so why not capture the moment in a photo.

  6. Post-surgery healing
    We recommend taking daily selfies and updates for the first few weeks as your body will go through so many changes physically and emotionally. It’s important to remember that everyone’s bodies are different and some heal faster than others. Sharing your physical changes is a great not only for you but for other patients wanting to learn about the procedure, and if you have any questions or concerns the MYA community is always there to help.

Helpful Hints:

  • Don’t forget to tag @myacosmeticsurgery in your pictures because if you don’t tag us, we don’t know about you!

  • Feel free to DM us with pictures and updates – we love speaking to our patients.

  • Join in with #MYASelfie Tuesday, every Tuesday by posting an amazing selfie of yourself tagging @myacosmeticsurgery and use the hashtag #MYASelfie

  • Videos can be a wonderful way to get your emotions across, sometimes it’s easier to talk about how you are feeling rather than putting it down in words.

  • Not all staff members are comfortable with being filmed or having their photo taken publicly, so please ask permission before you do so.

  • Be sure to let us know when you have set up your Instagram Journey and if you would like to share your journey with other patients, DM us or email

  • Be honest, share all!

We have 100’s of real patients sharing their MYA journeys, check out our Instagram @myacosmeticsurgery to see more!

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