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How to tell your friends and family

After years of researching cosmetic surgery, you've finally made the decision to go ahead with a procedure but you are worried about telling your friends and family. Many patients are nervous to broach the subject with their loved ones, because they are worried about what they might say, or worried they will try change their minds.

June 12th, 2020 |Lifestyle

Talking to your friends and family about cosmetic surgery

Our loved ones often see us as 'perfect just the way we are' and can sometimes have negative and unsupportive thoughts and feelings about us making surgical changes to our bodies; but what they don't always understand is, our emotions and deep routed reasons behind wanting a procedure, how many years you've been thinking about it and that it's not a decision that you've taken lightly.

How to approach your family and friends

Cosmetic surgery can sometimes be a taboo subject, if your friends and family don't know much about the industry and have only ever heard the extreme stories in the media. The important thing to do is educate, educate, educate! Collect the facts, present them with your research and help them have a better understanding of the cosmetic surgery industry. 

  • Write down 3 key reasons you want to have a cosmetic surgery procedure

  • Discuss your current emotions and how having this surgery could change your life, self-esteem and confidence.

  • Discuss your in-depth research into the cosmetic surgery industry and MYA.

  • Present them with the facts: MYA are CQC registered, we have some of the most highly skilled and professional surgeons in the UK and an amazing aftercare package.

  • Show them the MYA forum and encourage them to create their own account. The forum is a great place for loved ones to see the 1000s of happy MYA patients and read about their experiences and advice to others. The forum is a fantastic research tool and gives friends and family an opportunity to ask their own questions.

  • Share patient testimonials and before and after images. The MYA community is huge and there are lots of patient testimonials on the MYA website and social media. Direct your loved ones to the MYA Cosmetic Surgery Reviews group on Facebook and check out hundreds of patient Instagram journeys. 

  • Show them the Changing Perceptions YouTube video - a montage of patients sharing their cosmetic surgery stories. 

  • My Body, My Choice - remind them that you respect their opinions but this is your body and your choice and you have made an informed decision to go ahead and would love their full support. 

How to deal with unsupportive family and friends:

MYA patient Aston, discusses how she dealt with unsupportive family and friends during her breast enlargement journey with MYA.

How to prepare your young children:

If you have young children, it's unlikely they will understand what cosmetic surgery is, but when you come home from surgery, you might look a bit different (bandages and bruising) and you will need to rest, so you might want to have a discussion beforehand so they understand why Mummy/Daddy can't lift or play with them etc. 

MYA patient Lauren, discusses how she explained to her young daughter that she would be having rhinoplasty surgery.

Why the MYA forum is your new best friend 

Not only is the MYA forum a great research tool for yourself and loves ones, it's a safe and open platform for you to chat with likeminded patients who are starting their MYA journey just like you. If you have any questions or need advice, the forum is your go-to, there is always someone on hand to offer support and reassurance, or even if you just want to show off photos of your amazing results, guaranteed there will be someone there to tell you how fabulous you look! 

From your very first eConsult right through to your healing period, the MYA forum community will be your new best friend. 

MYA patient Kelly, shares her experiences of the MYA forum and how she made friends for life.

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