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It's all about Galentine's Day this February

This year we all need to share the love and go above and beyond to tell our loved ones how special they are... because let's face it, we all need the love, cuddles and chocolate right now!

February 14th, 2022 |Lifestyle

What is Galentine's day?

Galentine's day is usually celebrated on February 13th (the day before Valentine's day) and has inspired women across the world to get together, chat, laugh, love, share and celebrate each other, and the most wonderful relationship of all, female friendship and empowerment.

So, whether you're single, married or dating, introduce Galentine's day to your friends and dedicate this day to the special ladies in your life - because we couldn't live without them!

How to celebrate Galentine's Day in style:

1. Schedule a virtual date

Plan a date night with your besties and make sure you go all out glam! Plan yourself a fabulous outfit, do your hair and makeup and decorate your kitchen with candles for the ultimate date night in. If you aren't much of a Nigella Lawson in the kitchen, order yourself your favourite takeout food and serve it up on your finest plates. 

2. Send your friends flowers

Letterbox flowers are the latest craze, a unique new way to send your hunnies flowers without having to worry about them being home to accept them. Brighten their day with a bouquet of their favourite flowers and treat yourself to some while you are at it.

3. Plan a bake off

Get all your girls together and everyone has to make a cake on Galentine's day from scratch (that means baking and decorating) and then submit a final image to the group chat and pick a winner -added perks of having a whole cake to eat yourself afterwards. Put on your favourite tunes and let the bake off commence! 


4. Create a zoom quiz

Bear with us...when we hear the words 'zoom quiz' we instantly think snooze fest, so why not set funny quiz topics and each friend has to write a section of the quiz themselves, for example:

  • Dating disasters -each friend has to submit a dating disaster they have had to endure to the quiz master and the rest of the group has to guess who's date it was

  • Celebrity love affairs -write your quiz questions on the biggest celebrity scandals and love affairs over the years

  • Life drawings -find a person willing to pose (or just use a google image) and each friend has to submit their life drawings to the group chat 

  • Rate the ex boyfriends - always a good laugh 

  • Never have I ever - with prosecco

  • Love song music round

5. Plan a self-care day

Whether that's spending the whole day in your pjs, pouring yourself a glass of wine and having a long soak in a bubble bath or dedicating a whole day to skincare, hair masks and pedicures, make Galentine's day a day to relax and take care of yourself. 


6. Drop off a box of chocolates

If your friend lives nearby, what better way to surprise them on Galentine's day by dropping a box of their favourite chocolates off at their door.

7. Give your single friend a call

Some friends find Valentine's weekend very difficult; whether they're going through a difficult breakup or they're missing their loved one this year, make the time to give your friends a call and let them know you are thinking of them and tell them how special they are. A simple phone call can make someone's day! 


8. Send them a love note

If you are lucky enough to live with your girl pals, write them a cute little note and leave it for them by the kettle or on the bathroom mirror. If your friends live far away, there's no better feeling than receiving a unexpected card in the post from a loved one. If you aren't one for soppy gestures then make it funny, but remember to practice self-love this Galentine's day too!


9. Nominate a #MYAGirl

If you are a MYA patient, we'd love you to nominate a #MYAGirl who has helped you through your cosmetic surgery journey and share the love this Galentine's day. Click on the image below and tag your nomination - don't forget to DM us if you have an amazing #MYAGirl in your life - we'd love to hear about your journeys!

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