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Has Jennifer Aniston Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Jennifer Aniston first stole our hearts as the gorgeous Rachel Greene in the hit TV sitcom Friends. Since the screen faded on one of the most popular shows of all time, Jen commands column inches as one of the world’s most beautiful celebrities.

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September 10th, 2021 |Celebrity

Although the star is now in her 40s, her great hair, incredible skin and perfect figure outshine many younger women. Talk about body goals! But how does she do it? Are good eating and a healthy lifestyle the trick to looking so good, or has Jen had some extra help from a plastic surgeon over the years? Let’s take a closer look at our favourite Friend.

Has Jennifer Aniston had Botox?

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Jennifer’s smooth forehead has led many to question whether the star has turned to anti-wrinkle injections to keep those frown lines and crow’s feet at bay. When injected into the targeted area, this popular treatment stops the muscles from contracting, which relaxes and softens any lines or wrinkles. So, has the MYA favourite had any help to maintain her youthful look?

What Jennifer Aniston Says

A firm believer in ageing naturally, she has been known to air her views about other celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery.

In a recent interview, she commented: “I am grateful to learn from their mistakes, because I am not injecting s— into my face. I see them and my heart breaks. I think, ‘Oh God, if you only know how much older you look.’ They are trying to stop the clock and all you can see is an insecure person who won’t let themselves just age. I also have a fiancé who will put a gun to my head if I touch my face in any way.” Sounds extreme, but we agree that she looks amazing just the way she is.

Has Jennifer Aniston had a nose job?

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We all remember Rachel's hilarious big nose during the infamous Friends flashbacks but was this joke rooted in some fact? Looking back on Jennifer's nose when she first rose to fame, her nose appears significantly rounder as you can see above. But is this clever trickery of some make up contouring or did Jen really undergo a rhinoplasty?

What Jennifer Aniston Says

Jennifer has actually admitted to having a nose job (rhinoplasty) to correct a deviated septum in her twenties. This surgery could explain the change in Jennifer's nose but was this more cosmetic than necessary? Nasal septum deviation surgery typically does not result in any cosmetic alterations so maybe the surgery was a great excuse to shape and refine her nose and make it smaller.

Jennifer Aniston's glow

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Ms Aniston’s skin looks as fresh and supple as it did when she first became famous over 20 years ago. Is this thanks to a sensible diet carefully planned by a pricey nutritionist or has the actress turned to a top Hollywood surgeon to keep her looking so fresh-faced? We wish we knew her secret!

What Jennifer Aniston Says

During a 2014 TV interview, Jen confessed to having an obsession with laser treatments which remove the first few layers of skin revealing new skin underneath. She spoke about the procedure’s effects on her skin, saying: “I did this thing called like, a peel. It’s extremely intense – you don’t realise you look like a battered burn victim for a week – and then it just kind of falls off.’

The Verdict

Jennifer certainly has made her feelings on plastic surgery clear! Even so, the actress has admitted to having various non-surgical treatments to reduce signs of aging. Apart from these and the confirmed corrective nose surgery, many of the other rumours surrounding her striking beauty still remain unanswered. Nonetheless, armed with an entourage of hairdressers, makeup artists and personal trainers on hand, Jennifer’s age-defying look is achievable. Though it’s obvious those amazing genes definitely give her a head start.

We want to be Jen!

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