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Our top 10 surgery questions answered

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, it’s important for potential patients to know as much about it as possible - including the procedure itself, what to expect throughout the process, and what life after surgery will be like. 

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 cosmetic surgery questions to help you learn more before taking the first step in your MYA journey. 

December 6th, 2023 |Ask an Expert

1. Can I see before-and-after photos of patients you've performed cosmetic surgery on?

Of course!

Being completely transparent with our patients is at the heart of what we do - and this includes providing past patient pictures for a clear understanding of how we can change your face, breasts, or body.  

At the bottom of each procedure page are before-and-after photos to give you an idea of the work we can do and what the results can look like. 

Simply click on the procedure you’re interested in and scroll to the bottom!

2. What are the potential risks and complications associated with cosmetic surgery?

As with all surgical procedures, there are some side effects you need to be aware of. With cosmetic surgery, the risks are procedure-dependent and often easy to avoid. 

The most common side effects are:


Slight pain and discomfort are experienced by most patients after every cosmetic procedure. However, this is completely normal and a sign of your body healing and getting used to the new shape and implants (if used). 

You will be given pain medication to take for the first stage of your recovery, but you will be encouraged to call your local MYA clinic if you experience any intense pains. 

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)

DVT is when a blood clot forms in the veins, causing pain, swelling, and tenderness in the legs. 

PE is when this blood clot can travel through the bloodstream into the lungs, causing breathlessness, chest pain, dizziness, and heart palpitations. 

To reduce the risk of these complications developing after cosmetic surgery, you will be encouraged to do light exercise as often as you can to encourage blood flow. 


Scarring is inevitable when it comes to cosmetic procedures, but our MYA surgeons will do what they can to reduce visible scarring. 

Scars can fade naturally over time, but to help reduce their appearance and texture, you should protect your scars from the sun and keep them covered, do not smoke or vape, and moisturise the area regularly.     


Infection is pretty rare in our pool of past patients. However, this is only because they have correctly followed the aftercare advice provided by the MYA team. 

From not submerging the area in water to avoiding high-impact exercise and not going on holiday until advised to do so, the risk of patients developing an infection is slim. 

If you do experience swelling, a high temperature, or discharge from the wound, we advise you to contact your local MYA clinical hub or the MYA 24-hour helpline as soon as possible. 

3. What type of anaesthesia will be used, and who will be administering it?

Anaesthetic is a way of numbing certain parts of the body to induce sleep. 

Here at MYA Cosmetic Surgery, all patients are required to have a general or local anaesthetic to undergo the procedure (surgery dependent). Patients are closely monitored in a state of unconsciousness while the cosmetic surgeon carries out the procedure. 

One of our specialist anaesthetists will administer the anaesthesia through a cannula in the arm or hand. Before you know it, your procedure will be over and done with.

4. What kind of post-operative care and follow-up will be provided at MYA Cosmetic Surgery?

Post-operative care is vital for a healthy recovery, as well as longevity in the overall results of the procedure. 

Patients will either be advised to buy post-op garments or they will be provided to them after the procedure for extra support and protection of the area operated on. 

We will also organise a post-op appointment with our nurses to monitor your healing and answer any questions. However, we also have an emergency helpline available to call 24/7 if you have any major concerns.

5. How long will the results of a cosmetic procedure last?

Theoretically, the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure should last a lifetime, but we know that life events can sometimes take a toll. 

Weight and hormonal changes can affect the way the body looks, even after a procedure. 

For example, if you were to have a breast enlargement and then get pregnant, your breasts will likely grow. After giving birth and breastfeeding (if you choose to do so), the breasts can then lose volume and projection, causing sagging. 

It also depends on the procedure!

Breast implants are designed to last between 10 and 15 years. So, it’s recommended breast implant patients undergo reaugmentations as advised by their surgeon to maintain their desired look. 

However, with face and body surgeries, patients only undergo revisional surgery if they have noticed a difference or they want a new look.    

6. What is the estimated cost of cosmetic surgery procedures?

The cost of cosmetic surgery depends on the procedure you’re interested in.

Take a look at our cosmetic surgery prices for an initial guide price. 

The total cost of your procedure includes:

  • Access to your patient co-ordinator as a personal point of contact

  • A pre-operative medical assessment 

  • The cost of breast implants (if applicable) 

  • Your procedure 

  • Aftercare 

  • 24-hour emergency helpline with ongoing support 365 days a year

It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery prices are subject to change depending on the look the patient wants to achieve and their individual requirements. A fixed price will be given during a consultation with a MYA surgeon (which takes place after the initial eConsult if you wish to go ahead with the surgery).

7. How do I prepare for cosmetic surgery?

Preparation for cosmetic surgery can differ slightly depending on the procedure, but the general rules are as follows: 

  • Stop smoking and vaping at least 4 weeks pre-op. You will be given a nicotine test on procedure day and if it’s positive, you will be asked to go home. 

  • Use non-hormonal contraception or abstain from sex in the run-up to your procedure. You will be asked to do a pregnancy test on the day of your procedure and if it’s positive, you will be turned away. 

On the day of surgery, you will be asked to remove: 

  • Piercings

  • Nail varnish, acrylic, and gel nails 

  • Fake tan

  • False lashes (including lash extensions) 

  • Hair extensions

  • Makeup

  • Contact lenses 

  • Dentures 

You will also be asked to shower on the day of surgery before you visit the hospital, and not to apply body lotion, skincare, perfume, or deodorant afterwards. 

Due to being under general anaesthesia, you will be asked not to eat at least 6 hours prior to surgery. You can drink small sips (30ml per hour) of still, clear water up to 2 hours pre-op. This is due to the small risk of vomiting or choking if patients eat or drink too close to the procedure time. 

8. How do I ensure a successful outcome post-op?

The best way to aid and encourage a healthy recovery is to follow the advice given by the MYA team. 

Not only will they provide you with the right tools and garments to provide support to the area, but they will also be on hand to answer any questions after the operation if you have any concerns. 

Make sure to take rest seriously and ensure the stitches have healed completely before taking part in high-impact exercise, heavy lifting, and going back to work. 

It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery does come with some risks. However, by following all aftercare advice, you can rest assured in the knowledge that you’ve done what you can to facilitate a full recovery and achieve the best possible results.

9. How long is the recovery period for cosmetic surgery?

The recovery period depends on the procedure. 

For most, the initial recovery period is around 6 weeks. This time should be spent resting, wearing the provided compression garment, and avoiding high-impact sports and exercise. 

When it comes to breast procedures, it can take up to 12 months for the final result to reveal itself and the drop and fluff process to come to an end.

10. What are MYA's policies on corrective surgery?

With corrective surgery, we recommend you wait until you are completely healed before undergoing further surgery. This is usually around 1 year post-op. 

If you’ve had cosmetic surgery in the past, the best way to find out if you’re suitable for corrective surgery is by meeting with one of our patient coordinators. 

You can book an eConsult with us for FREE before meeting with one of our surgeons for a full medical and physical assessment. Here, your eligibility for revisional surgery will be assessed.

Cosmetic surgery at MYA

To learn more about cosmetic surgery, we recommend booking an eConsult with the team here at MYA. 

During this appointment, you can talk about why you’re interested in the procedure and gain insight into the process from the comfort of your own home. 

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