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Top Tips for researching cosmetic surgery

Have you been considering cosmetic surgery for a while but don’t know where to start your research? Don’t worry, here at MYA we understand researching procedures can be a little overwhelming. Making an informed decision and understanding all your options is key for making a decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. 

March 11th, 2022 |Lifestyle

We’ve made a list of some helpful tips and areas to research: 

1. Follow MYA on Instagram  

If you aren’t following us already, head to the MYA Cosmetic Surgery’s Instagram page to immerse yourself in our supportive community. Instagram is great place to start your research; we post daily pictures, informative content, and share patient stories across the platform. Don’t forget to check out our stories for recent blog posts!  

2.Learn about the procedure

You probably have an idea of the procedure you want so before attending any surgeon appointments, it’s a good idea to have some understanding of the procedure you are considering. Research online and learn about the incisions, scarring, recovery down-time, post-operative care, different types of implants, etc. On the MYA website, we have lots of information regarding each procedure - we even have an FAQs section on each procedure page to help patients with their queries.  

3. Join the MYA Forum  

The MYA forum is an online group where thousands of happy MYA patients share their experiences, thoughts and feelings as they navigate their cosmetic surgery journey. Sign up to the free forum, chat with like-minded patients who are also researching, look at patient photos and ask post-op patients about their procedures. 

4. Look at before and after pictures 

We share patient before and after pictures on the MYA website and across our social platforms. This is a great way for patients to visualise the transformation that a cosmetic surgery procedure can give. Hopefully you will be able to spot a patient similar to yourself and get an idea of what your final result could look like. Before and after pictures also showcase the amazing results that our MYA surgeons can achieve and help patients to understand different implant sizes and scarring.  

5. Research our Surgeons

When considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is important to check your surgeon’s credentials and ensure they are accredited by the GMC (General Medical Council). You can find the MYA surgeon profiles here, for a full list of the procedures the surgeons undertake, their qualifications and the locations they consult from. 

6. Check out the MYA Facebook Reviews Group

Reading patient reviews is a great way to research a cosmetic surgery provider and learn more about patients’ experiences. Join the MYA Facebook Review Group to check out hundreds of honest patient reviews and experiences. You can private message members to ask questions or join in with real-time conversations in the comments section. 

7. Speak to family and friends

If you’ve been considering undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure for a while, it’s important to speak to family and friends about your decision. It’s helpful to have support from loved ones and someone to talk through any worries you may have throughout your journey. You will also need a chaperone to pick you up from the hospital.  

8.Understanding costs 

The costs of procedures can vary across different cosmetic surgery providers. Therefore, it is important to understand different funding options available to help you fund your procedure and to remember that the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best option. MYA’s cost take into consideration our amazing hospital facilities, expert surgeons, and our inclusive aftercare policy.  

9. Head to our YouTube Channel 

The MYA YouTube channel is full of informative content, watch patient vlogs, listen to our surgeons answer your surgery questions and much more.  

10. Make a list of questions

No matter how much research you carry out into the cosmetic surgery procedure you are considering, you will no doubt still have a load of questions. This is totally normal, so grab a piece of paper and jot down all your questions, then when you attend a consultation, you won’t forget to ask anything! 

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