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What is Symmastia?

Breast symmastia (often referred to as a uni-boob) is when the two breasts merge together to give the appearance of one large breast, with minimal cleavage or definition. 

April 13th, 2023 |Ask an Expert

Symmastia is completely harmless and you don’t need to worry if you have it, but it can lead to low confidence and make buying bras and clothing difficult. Like all breast conditions, there are varying levels, with mild symmastia being common, and recently seen on Love Island (2023) contestant Rosie Seabrook. 

Reality star Charlotte Crosby came forward saying symmastia is the reason she initially got a boob job in 2017 - to correct her breasts, give her more cleavage, and make her feel more confident wearing low-cut tops. 

While it can be a naturally occurring condition, there are a few things you can do to prevent acquired symmastia, as well as available corrective surgeries. Keep reading to learn more about breast symmastia, including the causes and preventative measures.    

Symmastia causes

The way breasts grow is different for everybody. While extremely rare, symmastia can be naturally occurring, but there are other contributing factors, including poorly performed breast enlargements.  

Congenital symmastia is when your breasts naturally grow with an absence of cleavage. It’s pretty rare, but nothing to be worried about if you have it. However, many women struggle with confidence and mental health issues because they don’t like the way they look and can’t find flattering lingerie or clothing. 

Poor breast augmentations are one of the most common reasons why people experience symmastia (also known as iatrogenic symmastia). Going to an inexperienced surgeon means you’re at risk of having too much tissue removed too close to the sternum, which can cause a uni-boob

It can also occur when the implants are too large in size and volume for the patients’ form, and come together, giving the appearance of one breast. 

If your breast implants start to move, they can be painful and cause discomfort - another reason why many choose to have corrective surgery.

Signs of symmastia

Between the two breasts, there is usually some space that can create a cleavage. Breast symmastia means the breasts run over the breastbone to create the appearance of a singular breast. The breasts may appear close together and the skin and breast tissue are noticeably separated from the chest wall.

The lack of cleavage can be caused by breast implants. If the surgeon removes too much tissue, the implants can start to move across where a natural cleavage would appear. 

If symmastia is caused by a breast augmentation, you will notice some movement in your implants. One or both will move across to the centre, changing the way your chest looks and causing an uncomfortable, sore feeling. 

Nipple rotation is also an indicator of having symmastia. If it’s caused by a faulty breast augmentation, the nipples will rotate and face outwards as the implants move. 

There are different levels of symmastia, which can vary from case to case, with some women still having a small amount of cleavage when they have the condition. 

It’s important to note that breast symmastia won’t cause any health issues. However, it can cause pain and discomfort, as well as self-esteem issues as a result of not liking the way the breasts look.

Symmastia correction

Symmastia isn’t anything to be concerned about when it comes to physical health, but it can cause confidence issues in those that suffer from it. This is why many women with breast symmastia seek out symmastia correction surgery. 

If your breast implants have caused symmastia, then it’s recommended you get an implant removal or reaugmentation. The procedure will be slightly different, but the aim is the same - to adjust the shape and size of the breast to suit the patient’s proportions and create a more defined look. 

This surgery costs anywhere from £6,845 upwards, but a fixed price will be given to the patient following the surgeon's assessment. 

Similar to other breast procedures, the healing time is 6-8 weeks. In this time frame, the breasts will drop and fluff and bruising and pain will subside. It can take up to one year for patients to see the final result and heal completely. 

Please note that reconstruction is case-dependent and surgery may be difficult for those with congenital symmastia. The best way to learn if you’re able to have corrective surgery is by booking a free consultation - our team will assess the severity of your breast symmastia and your anatomy and give you insight on what we can do to create more shape and definition. 

How to prevent breast symmastia 

Congenital symmastia is all down to genetics, so there’s no way to prevent it or change the way the breasts grow. 

However, with symmastia sometimes being caused by botched boob jobs, the only way to prevent this is by doing your research before you undergo breast augmentation surgery. 

Here at MYA, all of our surgeons are highly experienced and accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC). This ensures only the highest quality of care - our procedures are carried out with complete professionalism to achieve a result that’s in line with the patient’s requirements and preferences. 

With the aim of ensuring each patient gets the desired result, we only use the highest quality implants available. Mentor implants have a 98% patient satisfaction rate and a trustworthy reputation, which is why MYA use them with confidence for breast procedures.

Symmastia correction surgery at MYA 

If you have breast symmastia and are interested in corrective surgery, MYA Cosmetic Surgery is here to help. 

We understand it can be a sensitive issue for many women, but our friendly and experienced nurses, patient coordinators, and surgeons are well-versed in breast conditions and how to correct them. Our unique eConsult process means you can talk to an expert about your concerns from the comfort of your own home - no need to feel nervous in a clinical setting. 

Our team of experienced and passionate surgeons will work with you to create your desired breast look with a combination of available breast procedures

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re more than happy to advise you and ease your nerves. 

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