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Losing weight is one of the hardest things you can do in my opinion, after losing 6 stone and being left unhappy with the way you look after putting in so much effort is very disheartening. I finally felt happy with the way I looked following my tummy tuck, made me feel almost free and that I've finally achieved what I wanted to to begin with, it’s not a quick fix it’s more like a tool.❤️ @coco_jones1

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Why did you decide to have tummy tuck surgery?

I have recently lost around 6 stone over time and was left with stubborn loose skin which I couldn’t lose through diet and exercise, even though I knew this I would continue to diet and was not happy with myself. I decided to bite the bullet and get a tummy tuck to remove the area of excess skin that I struggled with and could not be happier. 

My friends and family were all supportive of my decision to have surgery, they all understood that I did the hard work and this was going to make me feel better.

Why did you choose MYA for your surgery?

I would see the adverts on tv for MYA and decided to follow them on Instagram. I kept looking at the befores and after and imagined myself having the procedure for a while, someone that I know has had a breast augmentation with MYA which made me feel like they were the right people for me. The consultation procedure was very welcoming and simple which encouraged me even more. 

How was your consultation with your surgeon?

My consultation was efficient and simple, the surgeon broke down the individual things into easy to understand terms and made sure I understood everything. 

Before and After Tummy Tuck

What are your top 3 tips you would give to someone looking into having cosmetic surgery

  • Do your research into the procedure and make sure it is the right one for you 

  • Mentally prepare yourself for your procedure and recovery

  • Follow the surgeons advice - they're the experts!

How did you prepare for surgery?

I made sure my family was aware of all the recovery requirements and what I may need help doing and made sure they were okay with helping me out for the first 2 weeks. I also made sure that work was ok with me being off for the specified time. I ensured that I had the support around me that I needed.

Mentally I needed to prepare myself for the entire procedure and recovery process, this was difficult as I had never had any kind of surgery before so didn’t know what to expect, but when you’re there it all happens very quickly and efficiently you aren’t really able to get nervous which was the best thing for me!

How was your tummy tuck recovery?

Any queries I had during the recovery period and the weeks after were answered very quickly and any concerns I had with the incision were taken seriously and MYA put my mind at rest and ensured I didn’t worry. 

My recovery from tummy tuck surgery required 2 weeks of doing very minimal, this was difficult to adjust to as I felt well enough to do more but wanted to follow my recovery instructions. Showering was tricky as I couldn't get the bandages wet for 2 weeks so I was very much looking forward to a real shower not just a sponge bath ha!

Do you feel the procedure has impacted your mental health & wellbeing?

I feel happier in every way! It’s very strange how I now realise how much a little bit of loose skin was affecting me but now that it’s gone I can see how it was. 

I feel like I am more confident in every single way. Before having my procedure the loose skin around my stomach affected my mood, the way I saw myself, my confidence and the way I dressed. Now I can wear whatever I want and put myself out there more than I did before. 

Why is sharing your cosmetic surgery story important to you?

I am very proud of what I have achieved and would like to show it off, I also want to show others that it is possible and encourage them to too the same if they are struggling with similar concerns as me.

What advice would you give someone looking into having the same procedure as you?

Ask lots of questions, if you have any concerns or queries makes sure you get them answered before deciding, you don’t want to be going through the procedure apprehensive, you need to be 100% sure it is what you want. 

What would you say to someone that is worried about the tummy tuck scar?

I think that is one of the main concerns when getting surgery, I still worry about my scar but I can see it slowly fading, it’s still very new to me and it taking a little bit to get used to but I would rather have the skin removed and a scar that I can cover than have the skin still there.

The scar sits below your underwear, so is covered most of the time. The first time you see it will be very scary but it does get better!! 

How would you describe your MYA journey in 3 words?

Exciting, Scary, Rewarding!

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