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Frankie Sims

I can’t stop looking at them! I am really happy with my results. My surgeon has done a brilliant job and I’m really thankful to MYA.

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Why did you have the procedure?

I wanted to make my boobs bigger and even out the asymmetry in my boobs and nipples. I didn’t do this for anybody else’s opinions, I did it for my own. It was something I’ve wanted for so long and I was like, “I have to go through with it.” And I’m so happy I done it.

What did you have done?

I had a breast enlargement with an uplift and I had asymmetry correction too. The implants were over the muscle and the size was 200cc. I really wanted 340cc implants but when I spoke to my surgeon, he said that my skin was too stretchy so any heavy implant that I have, they would just drop straight away. So I just had the smallest implant I could have.  

How did the day of surgery go?

The surgery day went smoothly. It was an hour and a half drive and I went up the morning of with my boyfriend. The only thing I really felt nervous about was the anaesthetic. I was more excited than anything! Before I went in for surgery, I met with my surgeon and he went through the details of the procedure with me. I also spoke with my anaesthetist he was amazing! My procedure went smoothly and took around 3 hours. When I woke up, I was taken straight back to my room to Harry and my mum.

Were you nervous?

I was really scared about the anaesthetic and it was almost putting me off having the operation done. But as I was walking into the anaesthetic room, I nearly pulled out because I was really scared! But the team were so lovely and they really put me at ease because I told them how scared I was. I told them, “my heart’s going and I’m not sure about this,” and they really relaxed me. When I woke up I was like, “what?! When did I even go to sleep?” because the process was so quick and easy.

How did you feel when you woke up from surgery?

I was so tired but was straight away so happy with my boobs. I had a quick look at them when I woke up and I am so happy with how the operation went. I was dosed up on medication and was a little sore on where the scarring was (around my areola) and it felt a little bit tight and swollen. They look like the perfect size. I didn’t have a bra on when I woke up so I got a little sneak peak before they dressed me!

How was your recovery?

I actually had quite a bit of pain during recovery. Sleeping sitting up was like the worst thing for me. It’s been hard emotionally as well having to rest all the time, I was feeling quite restless. I wasn’t really able to pick things up and felt quite sore and tender throughout. I was told the best way to rest and recover was to chill but I found that bit so hard – I got really bored of Netflix!

I was driving after one week and then after 2 weeks I was up and about and saw James Arthur and was fine. At 3 weeks I was still a little sore around the scars but overall fine.

Why did you choose MYA?

A lot of people would assume that I went to MYA because I got it free. It wasn’t free at all – I actually went out, did my research and chose MYA because I knew so many people who had been to them before. I met with a few surgeons and mine at MYA was the most professional and everyone at MYA was so helpful and friendly. I thought at the time, “yep, I’m definitely going to go with MYA,” and that was my choice. I just wanted to clear that up.

Are you happy with your results?

Yes I’m very very happy! I was really pleasantly surprised at how good they were straight away after I woke up from my procedure. Once I had my plasters taken off, I got to see my nipples and the symmetry and I was so over the moon. I can’t stop looking at them! I am really happy with my results. My surgeon has done a brilliant job and I’m really thankful to MYA.

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