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I have so many people compliment me on how natural my boobs look and how they are the perfect size for my frame.

Procedure: Breast Enlargement

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Before and After

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Why did you want a breast enlargement?

Having BA (breast augmentation / enlargement) surgery is something I’ve wanted for a very long time but never thought it’d actually happen! At the age of 17 I started bodybuilding and the fluctuation in my weight caused my boobs to shrink 2 full cup sizes over the years. It began to have a negative effect on my confidence as I was working hard to improve my body, yet it was causing me to dislike other areas. I was becoming more self-conscious about my boobs, I hated wearing swimsuits/bikinis and I struggled to find outfits that I felt comfortable in due to being so flat chested. Like I said, I worked hard on my body yet felt the need to cover up all the time and hide behind my clothes to avoid any attention on my chest. I’d just come back from holiday and spent the whole time telling myself I’d have had such a better time with boobs! I knew then that this when I needed to start doing my research!

Why does representation matter to you?

I feel there’s a lot of stigma around female body builders in general. As soon as you tell someone that you’re a female body builder – they’ve instantly got an image in their mind but it’s really not like that at all. There are lots of different categories that you can compete in and they go from extremely feminine to a lot bigger. When you’re very musuclar and you’re looking for a breast enlargement, the final result can be a worrying thought. (Will I look unnatural or out of place?) So, I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling and representation does matter. Seeing someone with a similar body type to you will be so reassuring and help you understand the process better. It’s also great to show that you can look feminine and have muscles at the same time!

There are very few people that I know in this space that haven’t had a breast enlargement. The ones who haven’t are definitely looking to. I know a lot of older women who had the procedure years and years ago and are still body building – they still have their implants in.

Strong and Beautiful

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Why did you choose MYA?

I’d always known MYA was the company I’d go to; I never even bothered looking elsewhere as I’d only ever heard and seen good things about MYA. I followed MYA’s social media accounts and signed up to the Forum which was a HUGE help through the researching process as well as the build up towards surgery (I’d 100% recommend this if you’re at the research stage). The Forum was most helpful when coming away from an appointment with my PC/Surgeon as you tend to forget all the questions you had and information you were given! I’ve also made some very good friends through the Forum, as a lot of other girls having surgery in the same month made a WhatsApp group and we’ve chatted non-stop ever since!

How do you feel about MYA using real patients?

It’s quite overwhelming actually but it’s great to think that I’m part of this. People might think when you throw a lot of money at a company that you get chucked on a list, have your procedure done and forgotten about. It’s nice that MYA still keep in contact and you get asked to do things like this. It proves to me that the company is actually real and uses genuine people. You’ve got true stories from real people and nothing is scripted.

I feel amazing!

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How was your recovery?

I was so surprised with how easy my recovery was. I never found myself to be in pain, just slight discomfort from the tightness across my chest and it almost felt like I’d been winded. I avoided taking unnecessary medication and stuck to paracetamol and ibuprofen only. My mam was a great help to me as I had the first week off work to rest. I sharply learnt that I couldn’t do your everyday things like opening/closing doors and flushing the loo. My ab game was very strong as I had to force myself up using my tummy muscles only!! Week 2 was the best because I was allowed to remove my dressings and was granted a full body shower which was BLISS!! Throughout the whole 6-week recovery I had no problems at all and having read up on what to expect after surgery really helped. I wasn’t worried in the first week when I had cone shaped boobs as I knew the shape would improve over time (dropping and fluffing is a god send). By 3 weeks my boobs really began to take shape and look more natural as the weeks went on. I took regular pictures throughout my recovery so I could compare the changes each week which was also a big help! The hardest part through the whole process for me was having time away from the gym, I was itching to get back into a routine again as I started feeling and looking like a potato!!

Love my results!

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How do your breasts change shape with body building?

When you’re preparing to have your surgery, you’ve got to take into consideration the size of your implants, the location of your implants and when you’re going to get them done. For me, I decided to go over the muscle and I did that because of my lifting heavy weights. Everyone is different though and implant location totally depends on what type of training you do, if your weight is going to fluctuate and your surgeon’s recommendations. For me, over the muscle was the best option!

What advice would you give to women who compete or are in body building?

What you’ve got to remember is that prep is very very serious. You do go from one extreme to another because you lose a lot of body fat when you’re prepping. You need to make sure that when you get your breast enlargement, your boobs aren’t going to look how they look in off season. When you lose fat, you lose it in all areas and you lose it off your chest too. You’ve got to be prepared for the last few weeks of prep when you are really digging down, that you’re going to change the image of your boobs. You’ve got to remember that they aren’t going to stay like that and it it just for a short period.

Progress ain’t easy

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What post-operative diet tips would you give to gym girls out there?

Yea, don’t binge! Your body is in a very vulnerable position in the time you have off after your surgery. The last thing you want to do is binge on a lot of food that you’re not going to be burning off. For me, it was difficult in the first few days but I had to suck it up and eat what my man made us because I couldn’t move. Once you do get up and running, try and eat as clean as you can because it does also help with recovery. Drink plenty of water too. Keeping yourself hydrated and eating the right kind of food is what your body needs because you do need the vitamins in order to recover.

BTS at the MYA Shoot

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Are you happy with your results?

I’m now approaching 6 months post op and I couldn’t possibly be happier with my results. I have so many people compliment me on how natural my boobs look and how they are the perfect size for my frame. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! I never imagined a surgery as big as this to be such a breeze. They feel like part of my body now and I often forget they aren’t real!


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