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Now they feel great and look so real. I Love my results. I got them done back in 2015 and I can’t really remember what my boobs were like before, to be honest! If you want to get it done, then do it! Don’t listen to anybody else. It’s your body so have fun with it!

Procedure: Breast Enlargement

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Now they feel great and look so real

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Why did you want this procedure?

I decided to get my breast enlargement, because at the time I was in a very strict training regime that made my chest look like I had men’s pecs! I could move them and everything ha-ha! Also, I just wanted bigger boobs! My friends and family were supportive in the end when they realised that I was doing it for no one but myself, I am the only person in my family to have surgery, so they couldn’t get their heads around it first. But, when they saw how serious I was, of course they were supportive! I was due to go travelling for the foreseeable future very soon, so I had to act fast. My six-week check-up was a day before my flight to Thailand! It was quite funny actually, because I got my first measurements done in Bangkok. The lady was blown away by how big they were (compared to the local ladies that is) and I think I got the biggest bra in the shop! (HEHE).

It’s your body so have fun with it!

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Why did you choose MYA?

I chose MYA because I instantly felt comfortable there. The office was very close to my home in Newcastle and Julie, my patient co-ordinator, was very sincere and kind in the way she talked to me. I felt like she was very realistic! Some girls I knew had also went with MYA, so I knew I was in safe hands. My consultations with Julie went really well. It was fun trying on all the “pretendy” boobs that made you get an idea of how big you would look with certain CCs. I chose 375cc in the end. When I finally met Mr Traynor. He was very honest and straight to the point, but also, very kind. I was a bit nervous getting my boobs out in front of a man I don’t know, but I just thought to myself, he has seen it thousands of times before probably! He told me what he thinks is best for my desired look, how much CC he thinks I would need and what kind of profile. He knows his stuff. 

I can’t really remember what my boobs were like before, to be honest!

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How was the day of your procedure and recovery?

My boyfriend drove me down to Preston on the day of the procedure. I felt really calm and excited! I had surgery previously, therefore knew what I was getting myself into! I personally enjoy the whole getting put to sleep part. I think it’s exciting and like the feeling, weirdly. My recovery went quite smoothly. Day 1 was a bit strange as my boyfriend had to drive mw home from Preston which a bit was uncomfortable, going through the speed bumps etc. But once I was home I got my Netflix on, V pillow into position and I just chilled for the full week. Day 3 was the worst. I think, you just get really bored not being able to do anything, you can’t really wash properly, and the pain was bad this day! After that, it gets easier and I was out and about after a week. Still being very careful though. Like I said before, after 6 weeks I was on a plane to go travelling so I felt pretty good! My boobs really started to feel like my own and stop changing maybe near 2 whole years! Now they feel great and look so real. I Love my results. I got them done back in 2015 and I can’t really remember what my boobs were like before, to be honest! If you want to get it done, then do it! Don’t listen to anybody else. It’s your body so have fun with it!

I Love my results

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How did you feel in the run-up to photoshoot?

The run up to the photoshoot I felt really excited! I didn’t really tell many people I got my boobs done unless they had asked. So, when I was posting things on my Instagram about the shoot, people were going crazy like OMG Luce I can’t believe it! Ha-ha. The photoshoot was really fun and empowering. It was good to meet girls who had had the same thing done, so there was no judgment what so ever in the conversations! I wore clothes I would never normally wear so seeing myself in different looks was interesting.   

The photoshoot was really fun and empowering

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There has been recent criticisms and a call for the ban of the advertisement of cosmetic surgery - what do you think?

About the recent criticisms in the media, focusing on the ban of cosmetic surgery adverts being shown on television. I think as long as the adverts have been done in the correct manner, promoting self-love as well as making people feel like its ok to have the courage to make that step if they feel like they need to change something about your appearance. Then the adverts are ok! In this day and age, cosmetic surgery is much more accessible and known about.

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