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Almost 3 years ago I make the best decision of my life. Some would say I did it to conform to the new ‘Instagram’ generation but my reason for my BA 3 years ago was more of a personal reason.

Procedure: Breast Enlargement

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Why did you want a breast enlargement?

Almost 3 years ago I make the best decision of my life. Some would say I did it to conform to the new ‘Instagram’ generation but my reason for my BA 3 years ago was more of a personal reason.

Growing up during my teenage years, all my friends seem to hit puberty perfectly and started to develop. Somehow, I missed that and all of my friends had a bra and I was the only one unable to get one because I didn't have anything to fill it. My mum and other ladies in my family have good size chests so I thought I was a late bloomer. It started becoming a bit of an issue for me then, especially growing up with two brother who loved to taunt me when we got into an argument. It was always one of their comebacks if we was arguing... 'you’re flat chested'.

Breast surgery was never really something I heard of until I got to about 18. I never thought I would be the type of person to get the procedure mainly because I wouldn’t be able to afford it but also because I didn’t have the ‘guts’ to go under the knife. I started a new job in 2013 in Child Rehabilitation Support, working on a care package for children who had acquired a brain injury through medical negligence. I met my best friend then who had recently had a breast enhancement. Working on 12 hour night shifts mean you get to know someone quickly! Before the end of the first night, she was telling me all about her 'new boobs’ and she had finally been able to start bra shopping. She oozed confidence and she told me how small her chest was before. She told me she had her breast done with MYA and told me, 'you should totally go with them, especially Dr Traynor!'.

From that day I started my research.

My before and after

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Why did you choose MYA?

I researched for just under two years. I went on the MYA Forum to check the surgeon my friend had recommended. She was right! The reviews for not only Dr Traynor but for all the surgeons were fantastic. I was on there for ages and couldn't find a bad one!

Towards the end of 2014 I went through the breakdown of a relationship - most people will have experienced this at least one. It effects the way you see yourself. I had moved to Portsmouth with my then partner so when we broke up, I moved back home and into my mum and dads house. Bright side - this meant I could save more money!

My friends said, 'right let's get a holiday booked' and that was it, Marbella in Aug 2015 was booked! Only one thing, I wanted to feel good about myself and feel confident on my first girls. So, I took the plunge and rang MYA to just 'enquire'. I had no real intention of going through with it to be honest.

When I rang the lady answered and was so lovely. I had booked a consultation that worked perfectly around me!

I told my friends. Half of them were like, 'you don't need bigger boobs' and few others were like 'omg yeah do it'. I told my mum and dad and they said, 'no way are you getting someone like that done, you'll look silly'. So, to try and put me off, my mum said she wasn't going to come with me. (I'm quite a shy person and never step out my comfort zone usually so this was a big deal for me)

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How was your consultation (initial and surgeon)?

I thought, right well I can do this by myself and off I went to my consultation! When I got there everything was explained in details and no stone unturned. They explained everything about finance options that I didn't think existed with surgery! I had my head set on Mr Traynor so I knew he was the one I wanted. My mind after walking out of the MYA clinic in Manchester was set. The lady didn't put any pressure on me and gave me a number and said I could text her or ring her if I wanted to know anymore.

I went home and told my mum and dad. They could see how much I wanted it and how much having bigger breasts would mean to me. I kept going on about it to them but thought nothing more of it. Then my birthday came and my mum gave me a card and inside the card was: 'Happy birthday, £500 deposit to spend how you wish..' They knew I needed to put a deposit down to be able to book my surgery and it was their way of saying they approve. So, the day after I rang my PC and everything was booked. I got a bank loan in the end to finance the rest. My mum even ended up coming with my on my surgery day.

I met my surgeon who was so funny and made me feel so much relaxed. This was even while I was stood in front of him with my top off while he had a look at what he had to work with! We picked my implant size, which was a high profile 375cc. I had wanted to go bigger and Dr Traynor said it was my body and up to me but advised that with me being so petite, 420cc may have been a bit big, depending on what look I wanted.

I feel amazing

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How was your day of surgery?

The day of my surgery… this was a bit of a stressful day and I was almost late for my 14:15pm admission time. There was a crash on the motorway and my phone decided to crash too! Despite the stress, I got there at 14:20 and they were fine and vey welcoming. I got all prepped and met Mr Traynor and he reassured me about everything. I was day case, so I only really waited less than a hour and then I was being wheeled down to surgery. I can't thank the team at the hospital enough as they put up with an emotional wreck as I had never been put to sleep before and I panicked! Before I went under, the team was making me laugh while I counted back.

I woke up in my room and it was done. I was a bit groggy but actually felt fine. I was that excited to look at my new breasts that when I woke up, I tried climbing over the safety bars and got stuck half way. I just heard this “Sarah!!! What are doing, get back into bed!”. The nurses didn't know whether to laugh or tell me off. She got me out of bed and let me have a peek under my sports bra. I wasn't allowed to go home unless I had eaten something and had at least 2 glasses of water.

Loved the TV shoot with my MYA Girls ?

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How was your recovery?

Once I was home, I felt fine. A bit of discomfort but just like you would expect from surgery. I was given painkillers and they were really good. Recovery for me took about a week and a bit. I just couldn't lift my arm up. Felt very much like when you’ve done a big arm work out at the gym.*

I went back for my check up and everything was looking great. I was a bit scared at first as they did look stuck on. The nurse reassured me that this is normal and they would drop. She was right! They did and my result was so amazing I can't even explain!! No regrets whatsoever.

Bra shopping for the first time was so amazing!

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How do you feel now?

Bra shopping for the first time was so amazing! I'm a 32DD now and there’s so much choice!! I had my surgery in May 2015 and went to Marbella in August 2015. This was the best holiday ever and I felt amazing and looked it ! ;)

I would 100% without a doubt recommend MYA because my surgery went so well! In the future if I feel I need to have anything else done, MYA would be my first stop shop!!!

My main bit of advice is: don't let the opinions of people put you off. Not everyone is going to agree on cosmetic surgery! Research is a must!!

I would 100% without a doubt recommend MYA

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