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MYA is the only cosmetic surgery company rated 'OUTSTANDING' by the Care Quality Commission

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I have a massive increase in confidence and I feel as if I now have the boobs I should have been born with. I feel as if they have always been mine and they feel and look so natural!

Procedure: Breast Enlargement

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Why did you want the procedure?

I have always been very sporty and athletic as well as being tall and I’ve never had boobs. I’ve always been a A/B cup and felt very out of proportion and not very feminine.  My best friend had her boob done 3 years ago and a Rhinoplasty with MYA and she always had great things to say about the company and recommended me to enquire about the surgery I wanted.

I chose MYA because my friend highly recommended them

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Were your friends/family/partner supportive?

All my friends and family have been extremely supportive because they knew how much it got me down with being flat chested. They wanted to make sure I’d done the relevant research and wasn’t planning on having it done and quitting my job to do page 3 modelling. I explained every step through with them including how I was going to fund it and what look I was going for and they were happy with my decision.

Bra shopping is a whole new experience now I have boobs!!

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Was your procedure done in time for a special occasion or reason?

My surgery wasn’t done in particular for a special occasion it was done at the time I could afford it and had enough time off work for a full recovery. Once I decided I was having the surgery however I did go and book a girls holiday to Las Vegas for 4 months post op.

Why did you choose MYA as your cosmetic surgery provider?

I chose MYA because my friend had had a few surgeries with the company and she highly recommended them. I had gone to her pre op appointments with her and loved the feel you got from the clinic and how comfortable you were made to feel. Everything was thoroughly explained and you were able to have great contact with your PC at anytime to ask any question.

I now have so much more confidence in my body image

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How was your consultation?

My initial consultation was great I felt very relaxed with my PC as if she was just a friend and she explained the whole process thoroughly. I didn’t feel pressured at all and was able to ask any question stupid or not. My PC had also had a breast augmentation done her self with the company so it was great to hear a true experience from someone who wasn’t just my friend.  I loved how I was able to try on the implant in my initial consultation and straight away get an idea of what I could have. My consultation with the surgeon I felt a bit nervous but it was actually very comforting having my PC to chaperone and the surgeon was very relaxed and honest with all his suggestions. He was very honest with the outcome he could provide and I appreciated that because I wasn’t given false hope.

How would you describe your surgeon?

I was warned that my surgeon was a very stern, straight to the point guy who loved doing surgery and had great reputation. On meeting him he was stern but also cracked and made jokes and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable. He is clearly very good at what he does and he makes you feel confident in him providing you with realistic results.

I feel so much more confident in my clothes and swimwear

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How was the day of your procedure?

The day of my procedure I was a little nervous on the drive to the hospital however as soon as I was put in my private room and was seen by the nurse I was made to feel very relaxed. After surgery I had very little pain and felt very happy and giggly.

How was your recovery?

Day 1 after surgery I was a little tender and hadn’t had much sleep however within myself I felt absolutely fine and made sure I took my painkillers and antibiotics on time to manage pain.

1 week after the op I was back to my normal self I was able to do everything for myself I just didn’t lift heavy stuff. I was back out with my friends but I didn’t drive until 2 weeks post op due to the nurse recommending that.

6 weeks post op and I’m absolutely fine, back in the gym doing light work on the stepper and driving is fine. I’ve had my 6 week check up and everything was fine and I was able to go and enjoy getting measured and bra shopping which is a whole new experience now I have boobs. I LOVE IT!

I have recommended and will continue to highly recommend MYA as a fantastic cosmetic surgery company

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Are you happy with your results?

I am very happy with my results and the whole process I’ve been through. My recovery has been a breeze and I now have so much more confidence in my body image. I feel so much more confident in my clothes and swimwear and can't wait to take my new boobs on holiday this summer!

Would you recommend this procedure and MYA to others?

I have recommended and will continue to highly recommend MYA as a fantastic cosmetic surgery company who have looked after me and made the whole process so easy. Not only did MYA make me feel so comfortable and confident in my decisions, but my mum who came to all my appointments also says she felt thinks very highly of the company! My mum who originally was against cosmetic surgery felt any concerns or questions she had were answered and she felt confident in letting her daughter go through the process. I think she enjoyed the process as much as me and now she loves to see how happy I am with the decision I made.

I feel as if they have always been mine and they feel and look so natural!

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What tips would you give other women looking to have this procedure?

The advice I would give to woman looking at cosmetic surgery would be to do your research speak to people who have been through the process and allow yourself time to really know you want the surgery done. Always make sure you’re doing the surgery for yourself and never for anyone else! Understand the risks with the surgery and make sure you listen to the surgeon and their recommendations because they know best! I would maybe recommend to go as big as you can because you never want to live with boob greed!

We know you have had a physical change but do you feel any different since having your procedure?

I have a massive increase in confidence and I feel as if I now have the boobw I should have been born with. I feel as if they have always been mine and they feel and look so natural!

What are you looking forward to the most now that you have had your procedure?

The thing I’m looking forward to the most is being able to wear backless dresses wear as many clothes as I can with no bra! I also look forward to buying nice underwear which aren’t double padded and feeling comfortable and confident in my body.

I can't wait to take my new boobs on holiday this summer!

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How did you feel about taking part in our photoshoot?

The run up to the photoshoot I had no idea what to expect. I had never done anything like it before and was worried I wouldn’t be comfortable in front of the camera. I was a little nervous to meet the other girls as well because I was worried they would all be experienced in doing photoshoots or make me feel like my physical appearance wasn’t good enough.

The photoshoot honestly was one of the best things I’ve ever done! I was made to feel so confident and relaxed and was pampered as soon as I got there with hair and makeup! I was put in clothes that I loved and felt confident and wasn’t made to feel forced to do anything I wasn’t confident in doing. The girls and staff were all so friendly and we all got on like best friends. I was so surprised at how much I loved the pictures taken as I never like having my picture taken normally as I’m much more of a selfie taker! I would absolutely love to do the day all over again I feel so empowered and confident!

There has been recent criticisms and a call for the ban of the advertisement of cosmetic surgery - what do you think?

I would never suggest to someone to get surgery or encourage it if someone was unsure however I would always recommend and support someone who was passionate about getting surgery done. Therefore I believe the advertisements are there for those who are considering the surgery and just want to ask questions and enquire. I don’t believe it gives a false image of women’s bodies as woman of all sizes, shapes and colour are shown in the advertisement. I don’t think there is pressure to get surgery because anyone who enquires about surgery has to be 100% doing it for the right reasons and I believe MYA always make sure from their initial consultation that people are making the decision on the right basis.

I now have the boobs I should have been born with

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