Zoe image

Breast Enlargement Zoe

I have a massive increase in confidence and I feel as if I now have the boobs I should have been born with. I feel as if they have always been mine and they feel and look so natural!

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Bethany image

Breast Enlargement Bethany

I wanted the breast augmentation as every time I tried dresses on that didn't require a bra, I felt I never filled them out. Or in sports bras at the gym, I had the same problem. I was never flat chested but a small C cup and push up bras were my best friend!! I had closed rhinoplasty at the same time as my nose was straight with a slightly big tip, it was rounded and every time I smiled in photos I hated it!!

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Collette image

Breast Enlargement Collette

I thought about having a breast enlargement on and off for 8 years. It wasn’t necessarily because I was unhappy with my natural breasts but through weight loss and gain I could never keep the size breasts I wanted.

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Sarah image

Breast Enlargement Sarah

Almost 3 years ago I make the best decision of my life. Some would say I did it to conform to the new ‘Instagram’ generation but my reason for my BA 3 years ago was more of a personal reason.

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Demi image

Breast Enlargement Demi

The tips and advice I would give is that make sure you do your research beforehand into the ins and outs of everything from surgeons, implant sizes, profiles, the risks and make sure that you’re prepared for the change your body is going to go through. I would also recommend joining the MYA Forum!!!! It helped me so much that I think without it I don’t think I would have gone through with the surgery.

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Candice image

Breast Enlargement Candice

Hi! My name is Candice and I had my BA with MYA in November 2014. I had two different size silicone implants partially inserted under the muscle, to make my boobs bigger and even out an asymmetrical curve to my chest wall.

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Lauren image

Breast Enlargement Lauren

After having my boobs done, my life has changed in so many ways and opened so many doors. I got to travel to Ibiza to shoot the MYA adverts and I wouldn't have had the confidence to do things like this if I hadn't had a boob job!

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Ellesse image

Breast Enlargement Ellesse

Hi guys, I'm Ellesse and I had my breast enlargement with MYA back in 2014

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Lauren Goodger image

Rhinoplasty Lauren Goodger

Hi guys, I'm Lauren Goodger and I had a rhinoplasty with MYA in 2013

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