So you’ve splashed out on a pair of killer heels that are extremely gorgeous but also extremely painful. Before you put on those comfy flats, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to banish those six-inch barely theres to the back of the wardrobe. Listen up, there’s a little secret to wearing those heels with no pain what-so-ever. But before we reveal all, here are some tips and tricks to make those skyscraper heels as painless as possible.

1. Get shoes that fit

1fa332a4470e378ff22d81b9bab82d2b Yes, this may seem like stating the obvious, but take a second to think. Most of us own at least a couple (or a couple dozen) pairs of shoes that just don’t fit as they should. Slip on those statement stilettos and if your foot slides to the front and leaves a gap behind your heel, you aren’t wearing the right size. As your foot slides forward it creates more pressure on your toes (our eyes are watering already). Stop the slippage with a non-slip insole. Stick these textured, sticky pads under the front of your foot to give you some grip and stop your foot in its tracks.

2. Gel It Up

Some heel-aholics have had dermal fillers or collagen injected into the balls of their feet to help stop the pain of blisters and burning soles. Soft, gel-filled cushions are a temporary solution that can relieve the pressure wearing high heels can put on the balls of your feet. Just pop them in your shoes to help support and cushion your foot arch and ward off any blisters.

3. Style Swap

ec9c69562e591f2c0e3c2ec487f90921 Give your feet a break from wearing super-high heels in the same old styles. Not only does this seriously limit your look but constant rubbing in the same places can cause corns and calluses. Introduce a bit of variety with ankle straps, block heels, wedges – the choice is endless and it’s even more of excuse to buy even more shoes! Not that we needed one.

4. The Secret

Alright, you’ve waited long enough. The secret weapon in any girl’s battle against throbbing, aching feet is tape. Yes, simply head to your chemist for a roll of nude surgical tape or, if it’s urgent, sticky tape will do. Counting from your big toe, tape your third and fourth toes together to help ease any pain in the ball of your foot. It works like this – the nerve between these two toes causes pain when there’s pressure from wearing heels. The placing of tape gets rid of strain on the nerve for pinch-free comfort all day. Who would have thought? Just a little tape will take the strain out of those wearing those toe-numbing heels. Hobbling in pain is not an option.