Header: Credit: Shutterstock We advise that you sleep at a 45 degree angle for a minimum of 2 weeks following your breast augmentation procedure as this will help to reduce swelling and protect the breasts symmetry. Patients sometimes complain about shortness of breath when lying down so the angle will keep the pressure off the chest making it more comfortable to sleep in the initial weeks. It is also not advised to lie on your side for the first 4 – 6 weeks during the healing period. Not getting a good night sleep can affect your mood and the body’s healing ability, as you are not fully rested. Below we've outlined 4 key tips on how to sleep while protecting your assets:

Use a V-Pillow

Normally V-pillows are most commonly used by pregnant woman when sleeping to support their bump, this makes them perfect to support your lower back and breasts. Put the V to the bottom of your back coming around your side under your arms. This will wedge you at a 45 degree angle and also prevent you from turning on your side while providing comfort and support to your breasts.

Sleep on the Sofa or arm chair

Although it is not ideal a lot of patients say that they felt more comfortable as they were already supported at the correct angle and did not worry about ending up lying flat.

Extra cushions/pillows

Create yourself a fort of pillows and cushions! You want them behind your back to sit you up and down your sides so that you cannot lie on your side. If you do end up turning onto your side during the night, your breasts have padding either side.

Sleep alone

If you usually sleep with a loved one try and make arrangements to sleep alone. You have no control of their actions during the night and if they turn over and you get knocked, it is not pleasant. You need as much room as possible with all the pillows you will have around you so it makes perfect sense for them to sleep in the spare room.