Header: Credit: Shutterstock We know this is a slightly taboo subject so you may not feel 100% comfortable discussing this with your surgeon or patient coordinator. Despite this, it is very important to follow our recommendations for all patients who are in a relationship or sexually active. The newfound confidence a MYA procedure gives patients will typically increase sex drive so it is important to know when you are able to take part in this physical activity as to not to affect your post-op result. The majority of cosmetic surgery procedures such as Breast Enlargement, Liposuction and Tummy Tucks have physical activity restricted until at least 6-8 weeks post procedure or following your final surgeon or clinic nurse check-up. However, people do heal at different rates so this can vary. If you think you are healed enough to start having sex, we advise seeking the professional opinion from the MYA clinical team. Similarly to exercise, patients are advised to start at low intensity beginner level; this means no rigorous movement or strain to the affected area. If you feel in pain or uncomfortable at any point during sexual activity, MYA advises you to stop and allow more time to heal. Listen to your body and your partner will understand.   It is also important to be aware that patients are advised to stop taking their contraceptive pill for a limited period pre and post-procedure so an alternative form of contraception will be needed. This also applies to patients who have been administered antibiotics as some forms of antibiotics can affect the efficacy of the contraceptive pill. Should you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact your clinic nurse directly.