Louise Thompson star of E4's Made in Chelsea shares her MYA SMILE experience: "I'm a firm believer that teeth (and eyebrows - my other facial focus) are the key components of the face which can make a drastic difference through minimal work and general upkeep. They often get neglected and simple grooming can transform a face. Thankfully I was blessed with straight teeth but because of smoking and coffee habits my teeth weren't the sparkly gnashers that I desired. I heard MYA had a good reputation so was keen to check out their clinic as I know they do all sorts of procedures from straightforward teeth whitening to more invasive surgeries, so I booked myself in for an appointment.My teeth whitening was quick and easy. I diagnose myself as the quintessentially anxious patient who ordinarily tries to avoid going to the doctor or dentist at all costs, but I would recommend this treatment even for those that are scared of 'clinics'. It was incredibly worthwhile. It only took half an hour and was comfortable before, during and after. I looked in the mirror and could see immediate results which were pleasing. I was worried they were going to turn out luminous white and over the top but they were a suitably perfect shade of white and had improved by '4 colour' shades on the tooth chart. It was nice to be guided through the procedure and everything is explained in the right amount of detail. When I left my mouth was free of pain apart from the occasional second-long tinge which just proved that something was working. I'd definitely recommend MYA to friends and family. I asked the clinic for some business cards to hand out to people that I thought might want/need to get something done haha!" Louise Before and After Want a smile like a Chelsea girl? You’ll see instant results in just one hour – all for our special launch price of £199 (normally £350)! This treatment is carried out solely by our fully qualified dental practitioners, the MYA Smile treatment uses the very latest laser whitening system which is non-invasive, producing immediate results and removing stains. Your consultation, procedure and aftercare all take place within one hour in MYA’s participating clinics, which are fully equipped to ensure you receive a confidential, professional experience. Flexible appointments are available including lunchtimes, evenings and weekends. For further information about MYA Smile, simply contact our team on 08000 14 10 14 www.mya.co.uk